Shaw a good bet for the Green future

It’s hard on Kevin Hague to miss out on the Green co-leadership. He’s a good guy who works hard with anyone to progress worthwhile policies and issues. But the Greens have gone for an alternative that’s a better bet for their future.

James Shaw was chosen as the new male co-leader, a Parliamentary novice against Hague’s experience. He was suggested as a leader of the future before getting into Parliament eight months ago.

When Russel Norman announced he was stepping down  Shaw initially said he wouldn’t be in the contest to replace Norman, but then he changed his mind. He must have sounded out support, or supporters encouraged him, and put himself forward.

I think Shaw is a good bet for the Greens. He is more likely than most to work well across the political spectrum and more likely than moist to attract a wide range of voters. He has solid Green credentials but also has solid business experience.

His biggest handicap was his lack of Parliamentary and leadership experience, but that’s not a big issue here as he is co-leader and is not in sole charge. He will have Metiria Turei’s experience alongside him, and Norman has promised to help him learn the leadership ropes.

I think it’s possible, even likely, that Shaw will quickly become more attractive to potential voters than Turei, who is fairly left of left and doesn’t appeal much to people outside the faithful Green flock.

Shaw is as good bet for the Green future.

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  1. The taxpayers tit

     /  31st May 2015

    Having just watched James Shaw on Q&A, I must say he presents pretty well. He certainly runs rings around that whining Wussell !!

    I think the funniest comment came from Kevin Hague. Obviously upset at missing out on the vote for co-leader, he was asked “if he would remain an MP?”, Kev’s response, “I’m not going anywhere.”

    BWAHAHAHAHA… he would have somewhere else to go anyway 🙂

    • Before getting into parliament in 2008 Hague was Chief Executive of the West Coast District Health Board so I would think he would have options if he left Parliament.

  2. Looks like the Greens are further trying to shed the ‘lunatic fringe’ image.. but are they losing touch with their ‘grass-roots’ origins ?

    • Lettuce Spray.....

       /  31st May 2015

      ….that they never get the slightest say in how this country is governed.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  31st May 2015

    James Shaw looks llike a thin Benny Hill.


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