A lot of rain

A freak weather system dumped a lot of rain on Dunedin yesterday. 174 mm of rain was recorded for the day, which is more than the record rainfall for June for Dunedin, 168 mm.

This is as reported by One News but the rainfall varied in different areas as did the recording. Metservice states 164 mm on the Dunedin weather page, and the University of Otago weather station lists 152 mm.

Regardless, there was a heap of rain in a day, especially for Dunedin where most rain is relatively light, and sustained heavy rain is uncommon.

This has already prompted claims of ‘climate change’. It may or may not be related. It was an unusual weather pattern that targeted Dunedin and surrounding areas.

DunedinInfraRedWeatherThis infrared photo from 3 am this morning still shows the system in place that swept wind and rain in towards the Dunedin region.

I watched a lot of this unfold yesterday from an elevated office. I left work early because I wanted to avoid travelling at dusk. I didn’t have any problems getting home but negotiated several semi-flooded parts of road and passed many torrents pouring down the West Harbour hillside. There were some minor slips that only just reached the road. This was probably one of the less scathed parts of the city.

After dark two drivers didn’t notice a wash out and crashed into it on the Peninsula – Road ‘disappeared’.

I know someone who had difficulty getting their kids home from school and ended up getting their ute swamped so they had to walk the last half kilometre.

We lost our power about midnight but it’s now restored, but others are still switched off.

We won’t find out the extent of damage until it gets light today but there will be a lot of cleaning up to do.

I’m not a meteorologist nor a climate scientist so will make no claim on what this momentary weather event means in the greater scheme of things, except that I think it’s impossible to be sure.

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  1. rayinnz

     /  4th June 2015

    A quick google search gives me 12 inches in 24 hours in 1923 which is a lot more than this so called “record climate change downpour ”
    Dunedin floods are not uncommon

  2. I agree that if you look back far enough, you can probably find similar events.. BUT the reason why people (like me) are referring to ‘climate change’ is the apparent increasing numbers of these ‘freak’ events, across the globe. :/

    btw: my street (in Sth Dn) looked more like a river this morning & is only now starting to drain away.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  4th June 2015

      An increasing number of reports. Proper statistics please. Those for east coast US show the frequency has actually declined. I suspect the same would be true of South Pacific cyclones judging by the number reaching us. (There were five the year the Skytower was built.)

      • I did biochemistry in Highschool.. we learned about the carbon cycle. The curriculum stated that Carbon & other carbon compounds (eg methane) are commonly labelled ‘greenhouse gases’ & the higher the concentration.. the more it holds heat in the surrounding atmosphere.. BUT be my guess ..give all the excuses & denials you like.
        btw I dont believe in a flat earth either ! LOL

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  5th June 2015

          So if the average surface temperature hasn’t changed for nearly 20 years how has this affected the climate and storms?

  3. kittycatkin

     /  4th June 2015

    Rain, rain, go away,
    Come again some other day
    When Graham McGreasy’s on his way
    To court-and wash the creep away.


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