$150 for Whale Oil Decade of Dirt tickets

Whale Oil is promoting their 10th birthday event. Tickets are now on sale – for $150 a pop plus extras.


It’s Ticketmaster. And promoting dirt may have limited appeal.

When:  Wednesday 10 June, 06:30PM – ’till late

Where:  Snapdragon, 204 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland.

What:  It’s hard to predict.  The idea is by getting enough people into the same place, something is bound to happen.  And that’s before you add Cam Slater.  All drinks and food are included in the ticket price.  Certain MPs, media and B and C-list celebs will be having their spot in the sun that evening.

Who:  This is a public event.  Anyone is welcome*.  Still waiting for Kim Dotcom to RSVP.  He’s got a comp ticket if he wants it.   He can probably catch up with Banksie as well.   Think of it as a huge election slash Dirty Politics after party.

The event will not be broadcast/streamed live.  You have to be there, to be there.


WhaleOilTicket10That’s a big ticket price. Especially if it’s for a launch of Freed as rumoured.

There will be some serious dirt revealed, and best it isn’t streamed.

Maybe it’s just an ego driven fundraiser.

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  1. Sponge

     /  6th June 2015

    All the best to them and I hope it is a great success. I do wonder though if they will have Pete Belt overseeing everything and ensuring that no views outside of the accepted ones are aired. It could end up being quite comical as it is very easy to boot someone from a blog but a little harder to do the same from a pub that you don’t own or manage.

  2. Brown

     /  6th June 2015

    I see envy here. You can do it as well – that will reveal how many real fans you have.

    • I’m not envious of Slater at all. He’s done some good things and has been successful but I don’t like how he operates, and I think his dirty modus is bad for New Zealand politics.

      I don’t care about fans or fundraising – I choose to keep financial influences out of my blogging.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  6th June 2015

    I’d pay $150 NOT to go, if that was the only other choice, I wonder how many people will pay that-I could go to the ballet or an orchestra concert and stay the night somewhere as well for that, Maybe even have dinner somewhere, if I wasn’t too extravagant.


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