Hope for Alex Renton

Some hope for Alex Renton – or at least for his family, who have been watching over him in a coma for 57 days now.

Stuff reported recently: Family’s desperate quest for cannabis oil 

Nelson teen Alex Renton was hospitalised in early April after a serious seizure. He has been in an induced coma in Wellington’s intensive care unit since April 8.

Alex remains in ‘status epilepticus’, a kind of prolonged seizure.

With a recommendation from one of Alex’s neurologists, his family are now keen to try something new – a cannabinoid oil (CBD) extracted from marijuana that international research has endorsed as a treatment for seizures. But accessing the oil, even with the support of a neurologist, has proved nearly impossible.

This was covered on Seven Sharp tonight. They said the problem was inaction by the DHB, who need to submit a request to use CBD to the Ministry of Health.

They have also said that the DHB agreed today to submit a request to the Ministry of Health. Once they get that in it will be up to the Ministry and Peter Dunne as Associate Minister of Health as it’s his responsibility.

Cannabis oil isn’t guaranteed to be successful, one report was that it gave a 30% chance of improvement.  But for Alex and his family any chance is better than what they are having to endure at the moment.

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  1. This is new territory now, either RH Peter Dunne says yes and neuters the far left of the CLR movement (Eg Zedd) who call him the devil, or he generates ammo for his opponents, if a 50+ day coma isnt exceptional circumstance what would qualify?, I’m betting on a yes, It would be a win for the family and the politician. The question is how long will it take. Another use for MC is actually as a neuroprotectant, it slows down and reduces brain damage, which may be useful even if it proves ineffective for the permanent state of seizure.

    • I never called minister Dunne ‘the Devil’.. 😦

      btw; I’ve always seen medicinal use as the FIRST priority.

    • Most of the emails I have sent to Dunne have been about Medicinal cannabis law reform.. as in other countries.. this has been the first stage away from zero-tolerance/prohibition. I strongly agree with this strategy too. 🙂

  2. Paula Gray

     /  5th June 2015

    I think from what I have seen those odds seem a little unrealistic. It seems people have almost %100 positive effects and the only thing that varies is the extent of the results. If you look at Alexis Bartel who has only had one seizure in over 70 days from the first dose of cannabis oil administered. I know that’s extreme results but its the truth. There is extensive evidence that indicates this medicine could have great results on Alex’s health. It is time the government and hospital a like stop killing people by with holding medicine….Not to mention administering medication without consent.

  3. In Alexs’ case a good start could be to administer Hemp Seed Oil, which is readily available and legal in New Zealand. While cannabis has up to 5 % of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives the user the ‘high’ it has less cannabidiol (CBD) which is the health treatment agent. Hemp Seed Oil on the other hand has only about 2% of THC but 5% of CBD and has been associated with treatment claims for cancers and arthritis etc.

    • I think those ratings are off, Hemp in NZ is not allowed to have more than 0.35% THC, some have 3 % CBD though.

      The dankest cuts from hydroponic indoor Cannabis can exceed 25% THC in competitions etc. though your 5% estimate on THC may be about right for poorly tended bush grown cannabis in NZ


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