Lecretia Seales has died

It was revealed last night that Lecretia Seales was given the judgement in her case by Justice Collins, and that their would be a media conference at 3 pm today.

This morning it is being reported that Lecretia died overnight.

NZ Herald reports Euthanasia case: Lecretia Seales dies hours after family received judge’s decision.

Lecretia Seales, the 42-year-old Wellington lawyer with terminal brain cancer, died of natural causes at 12.35am this morning, just hours after her family and legal team received the judgment on her case.

Seales’ health had deteriorated rapidly in the days since her appearance in the Wellington High Court last week

Seales’ death came just hours after her family and lawyers received Justice Collins’ full judgment. The judge has embargoed his decision until 15.00 hours today.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  5th June 2015

    Classic irony on the futility of the legal process. And why on earth was the judgement embargoed? That is politics, not law.

  2. Budgieboy

     /  5th June 2015

    I was left thinking that the Judgement might have gone in her favour and the embargo was given to give Lecretia time to privately get the job done?

    First reports are that she died of ‘natural causes’ which would negate my theory, it will be interesting to see the Judgement and how it all played out.

  3. Renee

     /  5th June 2015

    So sad that she died so young and so sad for her family and friends, but I’m very relieved to read she died comfortably and relatively quickly. Not the long, painful death she feared 🙂

  4. “Rest in Peace” 🙂

  5. kittycatkin

     /  5th June 2015

    I’m glad for her sake that she went so quickly and really hope that her death won’t be used as a Cause and that she won’t be used, full stop.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  6th June 2015

      Why? She actually wanted to be used to change the law. That would be fulfilling her wish for something good to come out of her suffering and efforts.

  6. kittycatkin

     /  9th June 2015

    Yes, but in her state that wasn’t going to happen and even if the law had changed, which it couldn’t have done so fast and without government sanction, she could have had a horrible time waiting for anything to happen. So, yes, I am glad for anyone who’s spared a long and drawn-out death from such a disease. Or any other, I have known too many people who have had long,& drawn-out deaths. I don;t want her to be ‘used’ in ways that are not in keeping with her own cause.


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