Rachinger tweets Slater statement on his claims

Cameron Slater has released a statement on the claims made by Ben Rachinger, as announced by Rachinger on Twitter. Rachinger had first tweeted:

Thanks for giving me a chance to put the evidence and my side of the story in public arena. The story speaks for itself.

Thank you for your words Mr Slater. You were somewhat kind. Below is Mr Slaters last word on my allegations.


Slater has made this all about Rachinger. He has not addressed any of the claims, not any of the communications that have been revealed, nor any of the payments made to Rachinger. Slater has not denied any specifics about trying to solicit hacking of The Standard. He refuses to respond, while trying to dump all of the attention on Rachinger. More from Rachinger:

I will prepare my own statement and release this in due course. For now I’m taking some time out to be with my loved ones. Thanks.

Interesting to see his pinned tweet from  several days ago

Do you believe whistleblowers should be protected by law except if they’ve committed heinous crimes? RT if you do.

He seems to see himself as a whistleblower.

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  1. paul468

     /  7th June 2015

    Is rachinger rawshark?

    • In October Rachinger tweeted ‘I am Rawshark”:

      But he later claimed he had just been joking. There’s a number of references here:

      He tweeted in February: “I’m estranged from my parents since police came to the door looking for Rawshark. In October.”

      Rachinger discusses it in:
      “My curiosity now fully aroused, I began to have conversations with Mr Slater about who Rawshark could be. After some investigating Mr Slater asked me to speak to the Police task-force who were working the Rawshark hack case. I demurred as I did not have any clear and present evidence about the identity of Rawshark.”

      “The cop said that they had been “monitoring my twitter feed” and also that “Cameron Slater says you have inside knowledge of the Rawshark hack”. I politely replied that I would come down to the local Police Station and be interviewed.”

      “Back in late August, Whale and I had been exchanging Threema messages about the possible ID of “Rawshark”.

      “Nobody had any evidence of Bradbury and Harre connection to the Rawshark hack. I kept my eyes open and made contact with Tomas on Threema. It was very interesting to me that Mr Slater said the Israelis were working this ‘case’ too.”

      “Having made an introduction to ‘Tomas’ and been asked for email addresses of people believed to be involved in the ‘Rawshark’ hack, things started to get very interesting.”

      “This is ‘Tomas’ seeing if I can, or anyone I know, get access to a Joomla site that was tied to who these people alleged was ‘Rawshark’. I did no cracking and left it.”

      “At this stage I was an undercover Police asset in both the investigation into Rawshark and the ongoing look at Mr Slater. ”

      “Alongside this set of events, I had received word that the Identity of “Rawshark” was being spoken about in the Press Gallery and also by persons that Mr Slater had spoken to. I sent out the now infamous tweet “I am Rawshark” in a show of solidarity for whom this person was believed to be. They had recently had a baby. She was days old at this point.”

      • I think when you look at this Pete, it shows what sort of person Rachinger is – after all who in the hell would post on social media they are Rawshark if they weren’t! Only someone who is an attention seeker, a mentally ill person, or just some one that is profoundly stupid. Rawshark is connected to the Urewera 8

        • Quite a few people posted ‘I am Rawshark’ online, some even changed their names to X.Rawshark. Similar to ‘I am Charlie’ worldwide, which happened three months later.

    • Shagger

       /  7th June 2015

      He wishes he was

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