Conspiracy #83, #84, #85

Colin Craig was lampooned by the left for not categorically ruling out conspiracy theories. But Craig’s dalliance with conspiracies was a shooting star compared to the galaxy of conspiracy claims from the left.

Labour’s election review leak revealed quite a few who must have been abducted by aliens. For example from this thread at The Standard, ironically called NZLP Review of Election 2014; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The GCSB has copies of the full review report from the earliest drafts.

Yes yes very good point… out of ‘national security interest’ of course. A few strokes of the keys and delivered into Paddy’s inbox with a (Labour MP) addy…. Silly young Gower would be none the wiser.


That’s probably why the traitor leaked Labour’s review to 3 and Gower, to deflect attention away from not just the Nats drop in public support, but noticeably from John key’s drop in support, and the fact that people are not accepting his bullshit over physically harassing and bullying a waitress at her place of employ.


I refuse to believe that someone within Labour would have leaked this report to Gower.

This leak is either a hacker or Labour has someone within its ranks who has been planted and leaks in the best interests of Labour’s opposition party’s, it seems implausible but at some stage someone has to start asking this question.

Then there’s the frequent claims there’s a major media conspiracy against Labour, like this today from Policy Parrot:

Its both appalling, sad and maddening at the same time to see what is essentially a huge fraud being perpetrated by the government against its legitimate critics, and the mainstream media’s/pundits inability/unwillingness to expose it for exactly what it is.

Too often the Key line is bought hook, line and sinker in order to avoid getting offside with the establishment, and in addition government schills (Henry, Plunkett, Hoskings, Smith) broadcast unbalanced anti-Labour propaganda from all the relevant media, and have it received as fact.

This isn’t to say that Labour needs to get its house in order, which it does, but the continual propaganda war to prevent a threat rising up, is approaching persecution. I kid? How many people that you might know casually outside of politics has expressed a pro-Labour value or statement to you recently?

This is a bit like Hitler in his bunker blaming the rest of the world’s propaganda.

And yesterday Lynn Prentice claimed that Key conspires with the IRD to excuse Cameron Slater from paying tax.

Not quite bankrupted yet. I hear that Cameron Slater managed to cough up $10k in assorted cash for court ordered costs to Matthew Blomfield. However that was just for the High Court appeal where Cameron lost his ability to shield his sources.

Of course that is just the first court costs.

Just before that he paid about $9.1k to Ben R’s account. It’d be really interesting to find out where he is getting his income from.

I am sure that the IRD would be as well if they haven’t been subverted by John Key and his mates.

[Shakes head]

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  7th June 2015

    Pete, I sincerely hope that you aren’t suggesting that aliens DON’T abduct humans and take them away. Excuse me a moment, there’s someone at the


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