From the missing million? “23 Times Kiwis Didn’t Give A Single F*ck”

From Buzzfeed: 23 Times Kiwis Didn’t Give A Single F*ck

Seriously the most carefree nation in the world.

It’s worth looking through all of them. I recognise quite a few. Here’s the first:

1. When these guys didn’t want to pay for removalists.

An example of poor footwear choice here in New Zealand.

The comment is as funny as the photo. This one is a bit over the top but I’ve seen quite a few interesting modes of moving furniture here in Dunedin’s Scarfyville. Carting mattresses on top of cars is not uncommon.

And another that I remember from Scarfyville:

8. When the cops need a break

How the New Zealand police deal with drunk university/college students….

The expression of the older cop on the right is classic.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  7th June 2015

    Tehee ! I wonder if the ‘state’ was done by a bored worker whose day was made by this chance to express his sense of humour 😀

    It IS annoying when a site or business will NOT accept that one CANNOT put a state’s name is BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE THEM !!! I have given up trying to make donations at one place because of this.