Slater’s statement on Rachinger looks dirty

Cameron Slater supplied a media statement in response to Ben Rachinger’s claims that have been publicised on The Nation and via various other media this weekend.

Supplying the statement as a JPG image was a curious ways to have presented this statement. The font used is also curious. Here is the statement as text, with some comments.

Saturday June 5th, 2015

That’s an invalid date (Saturday was the 6th). An easy mistake to make, especially when writing in advance.

I have been aware that Ben Rachinger has been on a personal campaign to take a number of conflicting stories to the world as the truth.I have continued to ignore this and left it pass without comment. in spite of the many untrue statements he has fabricated around cherry picked screenshot ‘evidence’. So whenever I was approached by the media to provide comment on Ben’s claims, I declined. I’m going to continue to do so. This is the only public statement I will make on this matter.

Despite this Slater seems to have also provided comment to Fairfax, as reported in Cameron Slater denies hacking allegations.

It is somewhat ironic that it is Mediaworks running this story and all without disclosing the ben was working for them earlier in the year as a consultant.

Mediaworks is a major radio and television outlet. Journalists from other media also took an interest in the case.

What is ironic that Slater thinks it’s an issue that Ben was a Mediaworks consultant – Slater does not generally disclose who he consults for when he posts about those interests in his own media.

Ben is an extremely talented young man, but he operates without any sense of guidance or direction.

The bouquet followed by a brickbat approach.

Slater could easily be described as operating without any apparent sense of guidance or direction at times.

When he made contact with me, and we built a relationship, it was mostly on the basis of me being a mentor to him. He had problems. Some of them very personal problems. He asked for advice. He wanted help. And I provided both.

Most if not all of that could easily have applied with reversed roles.

After a while, it became clear to me that his behaviour was erratic. His decision making inconsistent. His previous commitments and commitments to me proved worthless. And whereas we had started on the basis of trust, it became clear that he was now acting in a way to not only damage me, but also himself.

Again much of that could also apply to Slater. How many people can trust him? Or not trust him?

In spite of the fact that I still had empathy for him, there was little I could draw a line under it and move on.

Since we parted, I’ve tried to to protect Ben from himself, and was successful for a while. When different media repeatedly came sniffing around for a story, I would give them some advice that this wasn’t what it appeared, and all they could end up doing was hurt Ben more. Until today, those media had the decency not to throw Ben under the bus in the forlorn hope of a few extra ratings points.

This isn’t the Slater who is well known publicly as someone who will strongly attack someone who he thinks has crossed him or has threatened his position.

It could easily be surmised that Slater could be diverting attention and blame and is projecting, is trying to protect himself.

Slater is a prolific publisher of self interested PR. That he has remained silent on this issue until yesterday raises suspicions.

Slater could be acting totally out of character on this one issue. Or not.

The only result of me telling my side of the story in full is to completely destroy whatever public credibility Ben has left.

I call bullshit on that. It looks very much like Slater is trying to destroy any credibility Ben has with this statement. And is making excuses for not addressing any of the issues and apparent facts that have so far been presented in public.

It will also hurt other people that he’s managed to ensnare in his fantasies.

Usually the only people Slater usually seems to try to protect is himself and those he is working with and for.  And here he appears to be trying to  “completely destroy whatever public credibility Ben has left”.

He has to mature, grow up, and just move past this. Hopefully this latest phase has gotten it all out of his system.

I understand he has been monitored and interviewed by officials who have concerns about him. I can hope they succeed where I failed. Ben needs a strong role model and strict guidelines for him to channel his many talents.

This could be seen as Slater breaching confidentiality – a low blow. Someone who has suffered from mental health problems himself (he has revealed this publicly) should know better than this. Unless he was acting in his own interests only.

It should be noted that Slater frequently brags about playing dirty – his 10th Anniversary event on Wednesday is titled Decade of Dirt.

Personally I feel extremely betrayed and hurt by his campaign.

If this is genuine then Slater could perhaps reflect on the many times he has campaigned against other people – often in a dirty way.

Ben has abused my confidence and my generosity. But I won’t let that colour my future behaviour. When people come to me for advice and assistance, I will continue to make myself available.

Cameron Slater


I don’t think Slater is seen by many as a generous, helpful person who will readily make himself available selflessly.

This just doesn’t sound like the legend Slater has created of himself. It’s hard to take this as a personal and genuine statement, there are too many contradictions with reality.

It sounds more like a carefully worded attempt at diverting attention and culpability. While Slater claims to be acting in Ben’s interests he dumps on him.

After the end:

I will not respond to requests for interviews from anyone about this matter. All such requests will be declined.

If a political opponent of Slater’s issued a statement like the above, plus a refusal to answer to any of the substance of the issue, I can imagine he would be prolific in his condemnation and his assumptions and insinuations.

By acting out of character and refusing to engage on this Slater risks being seen as taking cheap at Ben while being in deliberate denial.

Rachinger has admitted being imperfect in all of this, but he has provided enough proof to raise some serious concerns.

Trying to portray himself as a total good guy a tough sell for Slater given his record. He’s more practiced at playing the victim card.

If Slater genuinely cared for Ben’s welfare I can imagine much better ways of making a statement.

Slater is denying any wrongdoing and is trying to divert attention and blame. This statement looks like an attempt to throw Ben under the bus he claimed to be protecting him from.

It looks like it could be dirty business, something that isn’t uncommon in Slater’s arsenal.

Slater’s media release:


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  1. Crash and burn. Slater probably doesn’t realise it, but a large % of his readers are there to watch him going down in flames.

    • Maureen

       /  8th June 2015

      They got rid of most of their readers S P C with the Playschool approach to moderation.

      • Sponge

         /  8th June 2015

        What lost me was the utter contempt shown to long time commenters. I still have a look at WO once or twice a day but no longer bother with the comments as they sycophantic to the point of hilarity. It is sad as the comments used to be superb but are now so saccharine that they are not worth the effort.

        • Maureen

           /  8th June 2015

          Not only commenters, donors as well.

          • Sponge

             /  8th June 2015

            True Maureen, I was one both but am now neither.

            • Maureen

               /  8th June 2015

              I was both too. Like you I still have a look, but in all honesty it’s more of a habit rather than there being anything particularly interesting or compelling to read.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  8th June 2015

    He may be trying to look like an old-fashioned journalist with a typewriter-thus distancing himself from the whole technological aspect. Or am I reading too much into the font ?

    • Sponge

       /  8th June 2015

      He is making a point by making it impossible for the journalists to “copy and paste” his comments.


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