Seymour and ACT lead on euthanasia

While the large party leaders waffle and wait in the wake of Lecretia Seales raising attention on the euthanasia issue, ACT leader David Seymour continues to work on doing something about it.

Mr Seymour is the only MP currently working on such a bill and he said he had briefed Mr Key on it a few weeks ago.

He said it would be based on former Labour MP Maryan Street’s member’s bill, which her party withdrew last term because it was wary of such a controversial topic. Mr Seymour said he had been working on it for several months but needed time to consult medical experts and others.

He said the Act Party board had signed off on it and he had done polling in Epsom to ensure it would not endanger his hold on the electorate.

While the others talk empty words bout doing something Seymour has stepped up and leads on an issue that has substantial public support.

This isn’t a case of wagging the dog, in this case the mangy old National and Labour dogs play politics and do nothing.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  9th June 2015

    Maybe the fact that only a flaky fringe outfit is willing to champion your cause is a bad sign for you?

    • ACT under Seymour are looking less flaky than the larger parties on a number of things, and especially on this.

      Key supports doing something in Parliament about euthanasia (so he says), Little supports doing something about it, they represent the two largest parties. They are just too politically gutless to do something, leaving it to ACT to step up.

      • kiwi_guy

         /  9th June 2015

        John Armstrong penned a succinct piece this morning on the issue.

        No one is interested. Doctors give extra doses of morphine all the time…

  2. kittycatkin

     /  9th June 2015

    Where ? Who ? Name five who do.


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