Journalists, MPs least trusted

A lot is surmised about why people are turning away from voters and turning off politics. There’s also a lot of comment on why there are diminishing audiences for news and current affairs.

A repeat of a trust and confidence survey may give some idea of why.

Journalists and MPs are a clear bottom of the trust and confidence pile. NZ Herald reports Trust survey results revealed: MPs, journalists least trusted.

Trust and confidence in members of Parliament has increased, but in the public mind MPs are still second-to-bottom of a list of 10 types of jobs and organisations.

MPs rank slightly ahead of journalists, the least-trusted group, and behind local council members, lawyers and civil servants, who are all below the half-way mark in a survey of public trust and confidence.

At the other end of the scale – the occupational groups and organisations which inspire the greatest public trust and confidence – are the ambulance service, the Fire Service, doctors and nurses, the police and school teachers.

Can we trust this report? It is based on a media release from Research New Zealand and the numbers support it.

These are public perceptions only but it is not a good look for our democracy.

Research New Zealand asked 500 adult telephone survey respondents to order the work groups and organisations from zero, those in which they had no trust and confidence, to 10, full trust and confidence. The survey results report the percentages of respondents who scored each group or organisation between 7 and 10, which the researchers considered was the range between which a group could be said to have the trust and confidence of the public.

The question was first asked in 2013 and repeated in a survey last month amongst other topics

That’s a relatively small sample size with the margin or error for results 20-30 of +/- 4% but they are clearly at the bottom of the trust pile.

I wonder where bloggers would rate in a survey like that.

Research New Zealand survey media release.

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  1. Budgieboy

     /  10th June 2015

    Maches my thoughts entirely except I not only don’t trust them I hold most of them in comtempt.

    I see many of them utterly broken that one of their own had personal info that was intended to be private made public. What total fucking hypocrites.

    For the record I feel for JW and while I cannot fathom how a person of any intellect could not have Ben R’s number in less than a minute she did not deserve what happened yesterday. Frankly, no one, Cameron Slater included does.

    • The hypocrisy really is systemic, i.e. the Crown’s “secular” atheism in the context of the oath of allegiance of its servants (an oath is an act of religion).

    • kiwi_guy

       /  10th June 2015

      Nothing in that news item claims it was an “inside job”. Saudi financing yes, but not surprising given Binladen was a rich Saudi, and not surprising US govt wanted to cover up Saudi involvement.

  2. kiwi_guy

     /  10th June 2015

    The internet makes it possible for citizensto find real reporting of the facts and prove for themselves that most journalists are pushing a particular narrative.

    For example the recent US Dallas pool party incident where a white cop supposedly attacks a poor innocent Dindu Nuffin – according to the mainstream progressive media narrative.

    Of course it turns out to be obnoxious teenagers gate crashing a private pool and assaulting security guards when told to leave.

    But the #HANDSUPDONTSHOOT #BLACKLIVESMATTER race baiters are making it all about evil YT oppressing beautiful black babies.


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