Rachinger denies everything on Williams

Ben Rachinger took to Twitter again to totally deny anything to do with RadioLive political editor Jessica Williams.

The Phone put up as proof on that blog. It’s a Blackphone. As owned by one Mr Cameron Slater.

It’s a sad day when one can bring a story to light after having been smeared repeatedly and parents doxed by a pseudo-anon blog….

… But this is the first credible connection between Mr Slater and the blog LF. This was beyond dirty. Mr Slaters phone should be examined.

I would encourage everyone to lay a complaint with the credible evidence that the LF source has a blackphone, Slater has a blackphone and…

… Only Mr Slater benefits from the actions and timing of the actions of that blog. There is no way the LF source should remain Anon.

I never dated the victim of that websites actions and nor have I ever contracted to MW. I never messaged those pics to Press Gallery.

I was never involved in some plot to blackmail the victim of that blog. I was never informed there was allegedly a plot involving me.

I respect the space of the victim of LFs posts and don’t wish to have any comment beyond a Wow at depths to which some parties have sunk.

I’ll close with saying… The story came out about TS hack job and suddenly this comes out. A++ Hit Job. Bye.

If this is all true (I’m sceptical at this stage)it makes the apparent acceptance of the story by Williams and Williams supporters (there were no denials nor challenges to any detail that I saw) as very strange.

If true this would mean Slater obtained risque photos of Williams, simulated Rachinger’s phone, and colluded with Lauda Finem to dump on both Rachinger and Williams at the same time.

It would mean that NZ Herald was incorrect in the article they posted and then later pulled down – except that it’s still online via syndication overseas and at the ODT:

Journalist’s private photos published

Intimate photographs purporting to be of a leading journalist have been published online, revealing gaps in laws protecting people from having personal images used against them.

The pictures were understood to have been taken and sent in a private context to an individual not involved in the blog which published the images.

It claimed it had obtained the images when they were circulated with the intent of embarrassing Williams and harming her career but gave no explanation for why it had published the pictures.

A MediaWorks spokesman said the company was aware of “certain matters relating to the publication of private images” of Williams.

“The matters at issue are not ones MediaWorks will comment on. Jessica is a senior journalist with significant responsibility for RadioLive and will be on leave until these matters are worked through.”

The pictures emerged following a story broadcast on TV3’s The Nation last weekend in which claims were made that Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater had paid someone to hack into a left-wing website.

If MediaWorks or NZ Herald thought this story had been a total fabrication by Cameron Slater I would have expected them to deal with it quite differently.

But the media have generally been very quiet on this whole topic, and thee has been a succession of weird turns in this saga, so it’s difficult to know what is the truth and what isn’t.

And it continues in response to others:

Dude, those Photos are damning proof of how easily trust is destroyed with you, hey? You made a massive mistake sharing those.

Where is the source? Where is the Threema ID proof it’s me? I never dated the victim and never attempted to blackmail her.

k.they are spreading the muck thin, if this is the categorical truth then I withdraw my accusation. huge collateral dmge tho


… Only Mr Slater benefits from the actions and timing of the actions of that blog. There is no way the LF source should remain Anon.

Did you share the pics im question with Slater, Ben? You’re inferring it but should state so I believe, if that is tje case.

Can Mr Slater prove that? Or does he just send whatever he wants to LF and get them to release at his bidding? Where’s the proof?

Just trying to understand how, if Slater had those pics, he came by them? It reads that you are certain he did have them.


Don’t infer anything. I’d like to see the LF source front up and show their evidence/proof and for LF to prove their allegations.

I’m not having a go just trying to understand context, evidence and implications.


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Categorically false. I have never spoken to Bomber personally and he has never seen any info from me. A smear.

Bomber shouldn’t be getting smashed for what are demonstrably lies. He may have been referring to hearsay unrelated to pics but not to pics.

I could see what was coming (though not this) which is why I tweeted a few weeks ago about that blog post of his.

That last comment is interesting, needs looking in to. There may be more to add on this.

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Categorically false. I was JW source for the Hager raid. We never dated or were in a BF/GF relationship. Smear on MB.

He provided Williams with what information about the Hager raid? That was in October.

Bradbury has apparently removed that reference from the Daily Blog, according to Disraeli Gladstone:

Quite on the contrary, though, it seems like he was threatening/considering to threaten the current victim (let’s not identify her at all for her sake). How do we know this? At the time, fucking Bomber made a passing comment in a blog post that Rachinger had something to hold over someone (he named the profession, so we know it was most likely the victim).

The fact that Bomber saw the evidence and didn’t do anything about it except make a snide remark (which he now deleted from his blog) is horrible in of itself as well.

Bradbury was not likely to be colluding with Slater.


  1. Kerry

     /  11th June 2015

    My head hurts

  2. Karen

     /  11th June 2015

    Really? Why would anyone believe a word this guy says?

  3. skidmarks

     /  11th June 2015

    This saga has more twists and turns than the Monaco Grand Prix 🙂

  4. Maureen

     /  11th June 2015

    For someone who promotes himself as a media savvy IT Professional, this guy comes across like a burbling 14 year old. He should just stop. Every time he tweets he digs a deeper hole.

  5. Liar Lair P pipe on fire

  6. Goldie

     /  11th June 2015

    In medieval times, people would pay to watch people with mental illness. Fortunately, in more enlightened times we do not stare or make fun of the insane.

    I don’t know why Rachinger/Slater reminds me of that.

  7. Greg M

     /  11th June 2015

    If the media thought Cam was involved in the slightest way they would have come down on him like a ton of bricks. Their silence spoke volumes.
    Ratchinger is neck deep here, and he’s trying to pass the blame to somebody, anybody else to try and extract his sorry arse from the situation only he created.
    Lying little rat, I hope he gets his beans. And hang in there JW.

    • “If the media thought Cam was involved in the slightest way they would have come down on him like a ton of bricks. ”

      I think that’s likely – unless they are that protective of embarrassing one of their own they would keep a lid on it. There’s been a media code of silence on it as it is.

      • Reginald Perrin

         /  12th June 2015

        The allegation with regard to the potential blackmail of JW has been around for some time, with nobody acting on it. Even though Slater and Lauda Finem have a common enemy, I doubt that CS is involved in the release of these photos.

  8. SteveRemmington

     /  11th June 2015

    Black phone?

    Bloody hell I have a black phone!

    Must have been me!


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    • Greg M

       /  11th June 2015

      Hi Martyn,
      “Apart from being highly defamatory, this is all a total lie ”
      I agree with you. Sue the bastard.
      I cannot work out what the hell his motive is, none of this makes any sense.

    • Thanks, this explains why I couldn’t find your quote and clarifies another part of the Rachinger puzzle. I’ve posted on this to add to the accumulation of evidence and references to the ongoing saga.

      Can I get some clarification please.

      From your original quote without context “they will never work in the industry again” could be seen as meaning the journalist or Rachinger. Can you confirm which.

      “I have no idea of how and what has occurred here, and am as surprised as anyone that there were images released” – seems emphatic but to rule out possible misinterpretation can you confirm that until they were published this week you didn’t know the photos existed?

  10. Pete Kane

     /  12th June 2015

    I suspect some other sites (from both spectrums over time) are starting to realise that following a “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” approach to analysing others actions/motves has its “limitations”. Cautious. evidence based analysis has its place – as I,m sure others are now realising.


     /  12th June 2015

    So now days later Rachinger comes up with this- all a bit late and looking to deflect away from what he’s done. If there was no truth to it Williams, Media Works and The Nation would have taken a very different approach. This Rachinger kid is an absolute idiot- and frankly so is Jessica Williams. These images were known to have been around since Dec.

    • “These images were known to have been around since Dec.”

      That’s been claimed but I haven’t seen proof of it yet.

  12. Shagger

     /  12th June 2015

    “Nor have I ever contracted to media works” well there is a lie right there

    • Mediaworks could address that but they don’t seem to want to say anything about it. That leaves speculation open about why not.


     /  12th June 2015

    Perhaps this is what happens when little boys play big boys games

  14. rayinnz

     /  12th June 2015

    Peter, sometime ago possibly in December Miz Williams briefly stepped away from Twitter because she was being hassled by someone who most believed to be Ben who had at that time a reputation for doxing

    • Thanks, that’s useful information.

    • the blow out now for Ben is he has pissed off those guys at LF – and from what i have seen they take no prisoners lol

      • Reginald Perrin

         /  12th June 2015

        Oh what a tangled web we weave
        When first we practice to deceive.

        Rawshark has caused a hell of a lot of collateral damage. Here’s hoping (s)he is eventually found, and held to account.

    • @rayinnz – then the question is – IF Rachinger was doxing her why did she do nothing about it? where did he get the face photos / nudie photos? I personally think its her face but not her body. And so IF that is the case then why is Rachinger not being looked at hard for making up photos to blackmail??? I think you get my drift


     /  12th June 2015

    @Reginald Perrin – the cops I believe know the identity, or at least have a very good idea on who he is – so my question is why are the cops doing nothing??????????? I just don’t buy into “it’s complicated” line they seem to be running

  16. Shagger

     /  12th June 2015

    Wonder why Rachinger has not been to the cops himself ??? After all we would know as he posts on Twitter every time he takes a breath of air

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