Slater’s climate ignorance

Cameron Slater shows his ignorance of climate change in a post HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME NEW ZEALAND.

New Zealand isn’t even in the top ten in this survey, we should all hang our heads in shame.

The United States and United Kingdom are leading the way in climate change scepticism, according to a recent survey which has found that one in three Americans and one in four Brits don’t believe climate change is a serious problem. By comparison, just four percent of Chinese and two percent of Malaysians agree.

The YouGov survey doesn’t even mention New Zealand. In the climate world we are insignificant.

Slater concludes:

Climate change, global warming or whatever you want to call it is total rubbish.

Apparently it doesn’t exist because people are dying in cold houses. Surely if there was global warming this wouldn’t be happening.

There is plenty of valid debate around climate change, but ignorant crap like that from Slater is total rubbish and doesn’t help his argument. It discredits the discrediting.

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  1. pdm

     /  11th June 2015

    I am with Cam on this one. As I have said on many similar threads over the last 10 years Climate Change has been with us since time began. It is simply nature at work.

    • Correct. It used to be called ‘the weather’.
      And sure, humans have an effect on everything. But we’re part of nature, aren’t we? So nature is taking it’s course, whatever the outcomes (and who’s to say those outcomes are positive or negative? It’s just nature – like when a volcano pops off. You can’t make an ethics call on that).

      • Goldie

         /  11th June 2015

        So you are saying that human activity in pumping 40 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere last year will have no effect?

        • Where did that carbon come from? Outer space? The carbon cycle will take care of itself. I’d be (and am) far more worried about the stuff we can see and do something about, like plastic and glass in the ocean. If all the cash wasted on chasing CO2 was invested in cleaning the East’s befouled rivers and India and Bangladesh’s ruined environment, I’d be a lot happier. It should be about picking your battles, not chasing ghosts or plant food.

  2. Goldie

     /  11th June 2015

    mmm It is a difficult choice. Who is right?
    Cam Slater.
    Or Peter Gluckman, NIWA, and every single scientific research institution in the country. And pretty much every single government and reputable scientific institution on the planet.

    • Maureen

       /  11th June 2015

      I don’t think anyone disputes that the climate changes (and may be in a period of extremes). What is disputed is that its man-made and that a carbon tax will fix the problem. The climate changes on other planets too Goldie, how is this explained in relation to man-made global warming?

      • kiwi guy

         /  11th June 2015

        Who is disputing it? Not any of the Climate Scientists.

        Funny how scientists discover all sorts of things about the Universe all the time with no squeals of outrage from your sort. Then when they discover something that wrecks your Rightwing narrative you spit the dummy.

        Suddenly the scientists are transformed into evil plotters of a wicked conspiracy to take away your freedom or they are stupid idiots who don’t know anything compared to your sources of great wisdom and insight into complex scientific issues.

    • reputable, meaning paid by the those with an interest in using a perceived threat in order to expand their sphere of influence?

  3. pdm

     /  11th June 2015

    Goldie – unlikely Cam and I could both be wrong. lol.

  4. John Schmidt

     /  11th June 2015

    Cameron Slater has been dissing climate change or global warming for years. He quotes information he has gleaned from scientists who also question the theories. To quote from just one of his postings and one that had no intention of being scientific says more about your CS obsession. You are got to let this obsession go as it does not look good from a causal observer to this site.

    • Do you tell Slater to let obsessions go John? He posts more times about more topics than I do.

      Casual observers won’t check back over all Slater’s posts on climate change to check if this one stupid post is out of character or not. He sells himself as the biggest most influential blog in NZ and competing with major media.

      With modern media people flit and dabble. Each post should stand alone on it’s merits. There’s no merits in that post at Whale Oil.

  5. Brown

     /  12th June 2015

    There is nothing to stop all you left wing idiots paying more tax and walking everywhere if it really bothers you but I bet you don’t ever do anything that requires getting off your arse and giving up comforts. Cam is correct – this is a scam and there is plenty of evidence that the stats are routinely massaged to say what the narrative requires. You just have to look at the poster boy Gore and the UN’s Indian train driver expert of climate to see the rank dishonesty.

    • “pay more tax and walk everywhere” love it! I notice the Greens love to ride in the gas guzzling BMWs they have !! they should walk or ride a bike.


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