Bradbury refutes claims on journalist images

Martyn Bradbury has emphatically denied claims that he viewed images of a journalist and said they could ruin her career. After the release of embarrassing photos of RadioLive political editor Jessica Williams and accusations that Ben Rachinger had used them to pressure/blackmail it seems that some people have put one and one together with vague memories claimed a ten. It was then claimed on Twitter that Martyn Bradbury (Bomber) had “let’s also remind viewers Bomber had seen the material and intimated it might ruin the journalist” (Giovanni Tiso) and “Martyn Bradbury blogged about having seen the revenge porn images and how it would ‘ruin the career’ of Ben’s ex” (Coley Tangerina). Bradbury has posted a strong denial of this in The latest Rachinger twists and turns and Wellington Emerald Stormtroopers.

Here’s what I actually wrote…

I will say this about Rachinger, if the comments from a certain female political journalist ever see they light of day, they will never work in the industry again

..I had heard about comments made by a Journalist to Rachinger, that is what I was referring to. Claims by ‘Coley Tangerina’ and Giovanni Tiso that I viewed anything are a total lie.

That clearly doesn’t mention images or photos at all, just comments. But it is also potentially confusing, especially without seeing the whole context. It’s not clear whether “they will never work in the industry again” refers to Rachinger, or to the journalist. It could be easily taken either way. I’ll try to get clarification.

I removed that comment as people involved felt it was offensive, which was not my intention at all. The point I was making was the Left have a tendency to see traitors everywhere…

Sure Ben hasn’t helped his cause one inch, but not hacking the Standard deserved some recognition, not pitchforks.

I have no idea of how and what has occurred here, and am as surprised as anyone that there were images released, but the ongoing smears and misinformation by some on Twitter not only reinforce the original point of the blog I wrote about the Left on Twitter, but it’s also childish.

A fairly clear statement that Bradbury was unaware of the images. It could be construed that he was aware of the images but was surprised they were released by my assumption from reading this is that Bradbury did not know the images existed until they were posted on Monday.

However “a total lie” and “misinformation’ may be a bit strong, it’s more likely to be imprecise memories and jumping to conclusions, which are common in social media. But for the wider story Bradbury’s clarification removes from the jumble of evidence one ‘proof’ that existence of the images was common knowledge amongst journalists prior to their publication this week.

As a side story, @b3nraching3r seems to be off-line again.

UPDATE: Martyn has given me some clarifications (at The Daily Blog):

1. The Journalist

2. I’d heard many different things after that blog, I was surprised by their release, not their existence

I had seen nothing, I had heard something that a Journalist had said to Rachinger, that was what I was referring to in the blog. Suggestions by Coley and Tiso that I did are a lie

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  1. Brown

     /  12th June 2015

    Boring but desperate to be seen as important people commenting on other boring but desperate to be seen as important people. This stuff is best ignored because then the twittering classes may just shut up for five minutes and hear the sound of most of us saying we don’t care.

    • But there’s some important aspects to this, in particular in relation to media’s code of silence apart from the one Rachinger favourable item by The Nation last weekend.

      If this was a non-political story without a journalist and media organisations deeply involved then it’s easy to imagine coverage would be quite different, for example (as someone mentioned) a couple having sex in an office – the media didn’t care about ruining lives there.

      • leads me back to my first thought PG. it is real, and they are starving the air to the story to protect their own. personally her hiding and a lack of a statement from the employers will see this resurface again soon. and we all know Rachinger loves the limelight. that said the bright sunshine smashing his soul right now can’t be pleasant.


     /  12th June 2015

    Perhaps this is what happens when little boys play big boys games

  3. Maureen

     /  12th June 2015

    Looks like the perpetually outraged twitterati are moving on to denial. How funny, they’ve stopped throwing poo at Laudafinem FineM and are throwing it at each other.

    • @Maureen – funny i noticed that to. Good on LF for putting it out there i say – shows how fucked the media is here at times. Caught them all out! Just goes to show one needs to be above board in all issues when deciding to throw shit like Rachinger did last weekend. Rachinger posts his every move on Twitter – lives his shitter life at 140 characters a time.

      • Shagger

         /  12th June 2015

        So he is 140 different people at once your saying ??

      • Maureen

         /  12th June 2015

        Tiso’s the same, only funnier as he tries to portray himself as an intellectual … on Twitter … 140 characters at a time … Lol


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