Press gallery claim on Rachinger/Williams pics doesn’t stack up

There have been many claims but scant evidence surrounding the photos of RadioLive political editor Jessica Williiams that were published by Lauda Finem on Monday.

It was very curious that they should surface just after Ben Rachinger had featured on The Nation in the weekend where his month’s old claims Cameron Slater paid him to hack The Standard finally got an MSM airing – that timing in itself is curious.

Rachinger has been dumped on by Twitter warriors, who claimed that Martyn Bradbury had seen the photos some time ago which to them condemned Rachinger.

However even Bradbury’s clarifications aren’t completely clear. He had posted:

I will say this about Rachinger, if the comments from a certain female political journalist ever see they light of day, they will never work in the industry again

I sought further clarification and he confirmed “they will never work in the industry again” referred to the journalist.

But he also ‘clarified’:

I’d heard many different things after that blog, I was surprised by their release, not their existence

I had seen nothing, I had heard something that a Journalist had said to Rachinger, that was what I was referring to in the blog. Suggestions by Coley and Tiso that I did are a lie

Confused? It sort of sounds like Bradbury had heard about the pictures but hadn’t seen them.

If information was out there then surely it would be widely known about. Lauda Finem posted:

Suffice to say the allegation is that mainstream media journos (the entire parliamentary press gallery in fact) had been sent these images. Further, that Williams herself had then approached those same journalists requesting that they ignore Rachinger.

That seems to be allegations that don’t stack up. I did a bit of checking out.

One reliable source in the press gallery:

I never received the photos, I never had any contact from Rachinger.

And another:

I did not know anything about this in December or at any other time until the Herald briefly reported about Rachinger’s post.

So “the entire parliamentary press gallery in fact” is not fact. So how much, if any, is fact?

Obviously the photos exist. There’s been no denials about them being associated with Jessica Williams and Ben Rachinger. But I haven’t seen any evidence this is anything but a private matter between the two of them.

How the photos went beyond the two of them is unknown to me. Where did Lauda Finem get them from. And when? Just in time to publish just after The Nation went to air? Or had they been sitting on them waiting for a time that suited them? I think those are questions deserving answers.

On this whole Rachinger issue there are many claims, accusations, insinuations and possibly a few legends thrown into the mix.

There seems to be quite a few people who seem to have an interest who are not prepared to back up their claims. And others doing their best to keep a lid on it – including some media and Cameron Slater.

Rachinger has made a number of claims and many vague implications peppered with contradictions, so what he has tweeted and blogged has to be viewed very sceptically.

This story (or collection of related stories) may keep chugging along but there’s a lot of unknowns still.

There’s nothing to suggest Rachinger and Lauda Finem are colluding (and there’s some suggestions they aren’t) but they share one thing in common – habits of drip feeding supposed scandals amongst a mish mash of hubris.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  12th June 2015

    There is no way LF is colluding, they have Rachinger in the cross hairs.

    The drip feeding by LF is annoying, undermines their credibility.

    Williams credibility is undermined by her sleazy antics with that scrawny pencil neck Rachinger.

    • BUCK WIT

       /  13th June 2015

      In my view neither Williams or Rachinger have any credibility. Agree with kiwi_guy that Rachinger is a sleazy toe rag

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