TRP’s Standard claims

Te Reo Putake graced us with presence in comments following It’s no wonder Labour is in trouble – good to see him engaging.

He claimed:

Some TS authors are in Labour, some are Greens, some mana and some are politically independent. There’s no ‘party line’ as our host here at YourNZ knows all too well!

I’m not aware of claiming any ‘party line’, but asked “what % of TS posts would you say are by non Labour people?”

The majority, Pete. If you want, have a look at the 30 or so posts available on TS’s home page and have a count up. The most commented post at the moment is the Horse. Water one, and that’s definitely not from a LP supporter!

TRP is correct, the ‘Horse. Water one’ was authored by Bill, who is certainly not a Labour supporter. But I thought it would be interesting to have a count up.

On the Home Page there are 31 posts.

  • 9 of them are Open Mike and Daily Review posts, which theoretically are neutral, posted under ‘Notices and Features’, but  the 5 Daily Review posts feature politically motivated pictures and I’d guess there is someone with a Labour association responsible for them.
  • 5 more under ‘Notices and Features’ but apart from the Scoop congratulations are posts/reposts making political points and I’d guess chosen by someone associated with Labour – one on housing, a Helen Kelly petition (she is seen as close to Labour too), a Key caption dig, one dissing social bonds.
  • 1 x Bryan Gould he has just done the Labour election review and was a UK Labour MP.
  • 6 x Anthony Robins, closely associated with Labour.
  • 3 x Greg Presland, closely associated with Labour.
  • 3 x Natwatch who looks like a typical Labour acvtivist
  • 1 x KJT – unknown affiliation
  • 1 x Bill – non-Labour
  • 2 x Tracey – non-Labour
  • Those last three, KJT, Bill and Tracey are infrequent authors. Bryan Gould is also an occasional author.
  • No sign of TRP there – what’s up? You and Greg and Anthony are currently the most prolific authors – and all Labour.
  • Of the 17 authored posts 10-14 of them have close associations with Labour.
  • Some of the non-authored posts have a distinct Labour flavour.

Does any of the 31 posts have any association with a party that isn’t Labour?

TRP – do you still claim “the majority” are by non-Labour people?

Are you as accurate in this claim…

The fact that the people mentioned in the post are in the LP at one end of the spectrum, and the majority of the members at the other

…of a majority?

You seem to be a wee bit out of touch with reality.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  12th June 2015

    You’ve left yourself wide open by using “I’d guess” x2.

    But I agree, The Standard is through and through a Labour Party aligned activity.

  2. A bit dishonest using that quote at the end, pete. As I recall I was answering a question about the Labour Party (Is it a ‘broad church?’) and refers to Pagani and Nash at one end of the spectrum within Labour and most members being at the other. Nothing whatsoever to do with the authorship of the Standard.

    But, anyway thanks for taking the time to show that TS is not a Labour Party site. We agree on that at least!

    • It illustrates being out of touch with reality – unless you can show that the majority of Labour members are at your end of the spectrum. Otherwise it just sounds like exaggerated bull.

    • “But, anyway thanks for taking the time to show that TS is not a Labour Party site. ”

      Your seem to be ignoring reality again here, clinging to semantics. I don’t think TS is a Labour Party financed or run site. But it is widely perceived as being predominately a Labour site, and me proving you wrong with the above post illustrates how the perception is reality.

      Your Labour denial is curious.


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