Boycott bolshiness

There was criticism of over-reaction on Twitter about the threat to boycott Spark after Whale Oil promoted them as sponsors of their Decade of Dirt party. Whale Oil later toned down their claims. See Sparks fly after Whale Oil sponsorship claim.

There’s been a number of examples of boycott vigilantism on Twitter, which began with a worth protest about radio coverage of Roast Busters which turned into an overplayed obsession.

The boycott bas-wagon revved up over the canning of Campbell Live, with campaigning to keep boycotting 3 news over a loss of Current Affairs on TV.

What the vigilantes didn’t seem to figure out was that beating 3 News into submission would further reduce news and current affairs.

This was pointed out yesterday in a tweet by producer @AngusGillies with a message image.

3NewsBoycottThere has also been a post about this at The Standard – The TV3 boycott – where Antony Robins recognises the problem…

But boycotts are a two-edged sword. As well as sending a message to those in power they can also damage the innocent workers. Boycotts are on a spectrum that ends in “internet lynch mobs”.

But the first comment

Your logic of “don’t act because there is collateral damage” applies to every civic action.

Consumer boycott has the power of a strike.

If journalists are having the conversation you describe, imagine the conversations the Board members are having.

And, if TV3 fails again, perhaps out of it will come a different kind of investigative media hybrid altogether.

Perhaps instead there will be a further and far more substantial reduction in news and current affairs if TV3 goes broke. That seems more likely.

David H doesn’t car if the whole channel is lost:

“would cost journalists (workers!) jobs and thus weaken the media.”

Workers?? Jonolists like Gower, Obrien and Sabin? Ass kissing, Key loving, Labour hating, Make it up Jonolists. And the production teams that know they are spreading hate and bullshit? Yep I am really sad for this lot.

Does he only want journalists that serve up what he approves of?

Draco T Bastard

In war there is collateral damage and make no mistake, we are at war. It’s a war for control of our government and our lives and the journalists at TV3 are on the wrong side. It’s a war of if that control should be by us through our elected representatives or by the corporations through the government owned by them with us manipulated through the MSM.

Should we be afraid that a few people may lose their jobs? No.

But we also need to be working on other fronts to ensure that power is taken from the corporations and returned to the people, that we get a true public service TV and that our society shifts from the me, me, me type that the Fourth Labour government brought in in the 1980s and return to being a society about all of us.

But DTB wants it under the control of a government further to the left of Mana (remember them?)


Like the new version of Milo, Cadbury’s palm oil chocolate, and cheaper eggs coming from caged hens we have to stamp this out.


Having such a fucked out MSM actually also drives viewers to places like the Standard, for people hungry for real news and discussion. So although TV3 may not be benefiting, it does create other opportunities and appetite for alternative news.

“Real news and discussion” at the Standard? Little news, much discussion, but under the direction and control of draconian overlords who don’t tolerate input from outside their narrow collective.

Maybe they can get Labour to put forward a policy to state fund The Standard as a great new way forward for news and discussion.

That could come with a requirement to rename The Standard to Pravda. Or perhaps Ivestia might be more appropriate.

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  1. Havesome morepork

     /  13th June 2015

    The problem for the tards at the Standard is that John C wasn’t sacked, John chose to improve his net worth and marketability by refusing the offer of same money and a co hosting arrangement.
    Considering the standard hates those who sell their soul for wealth, adulation and self improvement I’m surprised he is not being labeled a class traitor instead of hoisting him on the cross.

    • David

       /  14th June 2015

      But if your opinions are ‘right on’, your actions are not judged in that light. If Campbell really was serious about being independent, he’s well enough off and well enough connected to have been very effective with a blog/youtube setup that would get more than enough viewership to pay it’s way. The fact he’s not taken the various paths open to him speaks volumes.

  2. When I look back over the last 50 years I conclude that the damage that has already been done by the different generations to the old values of honesty, care for others, focus on community needs before self, the easy going natural communion with neighbours, and a willingness to help others. The younger generations have become so indoctrinated by the socialist bias of the majority of the teaching profession and the effects of constant email and TV viewing they have become so focussed on their individuality, they have lost the great rewards of outdoors pursuits with others. A real consequence of this is they have lost the pioneering spirit, and the mental and physical toughness of their forefathers. Egotists like John C need no sympathy, just a tad of maturity and a focus on others rather than self!


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