Disappearing tweets

Lauda Finem have claimed on Twitter:

Ben Rachinger has systemetically been removing every tweet ever exchanged between himself and Williams, as have Prentice and Presland

And they provide an example:

An original twitter exchange with Rachinger, Williams et al dated October 2014 – compared with what remains available


Rachinger has a record of purging things he has previously posted. Interesting if Presland and Prentice are doing it too – but they could have plausible explanations.

Also interesting to see that Presland and Prentice were apparently associating with Rachinger last October.

UPDATE: As advised in comments the tweets can be found via other views, so they are still there. For details see Disappearing tweets – not

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     /  13th June 2015

    You do have to wonder why he is deleting the posts. I am still surprised that if the images are fake, that Williams has not come out swinging saying they are, and denying any sort of relationship with Rachinger. I guess the images are not fakes.

    Like you say PG Rachinger has form in throwing shit all around then deleting the evidence.

  2. This much

     /  13th June 2015

    Damage control.

    • Shagger

       /  13th June 2015

      A bit late lol. I’m lost as to the context

      • It’s a small part of a large jigsaw.

        Prentice and The Standard have promoted both Rachinger and Matthew Blomfield interests.

        These tweets suggest a possible amiable relationship between Prentice, Presland and Rachinger.

        I’d have to check timelines (a project that will take time) but Slater tried to get Rachinger to hack the Standard. Did Rachinger get on with Prentice et al before the hack proposal? Or after? Either would be interesting.

        There’s a number of weird aspects to all this. Don’t rule out Prentice being involved in what appears to have been a sting on Slater (which he fell for) – quite safe to make yourself the supposed target with a friendly pawn.

  3. Reginald Perrin

     /  13th June 2015

    The internet never forgets. One can only speculate as to what Messrs Prentice and Presland’s motives are for deleting anything that links them to young Mr Rachinger.


     /  13th June 2015

    This story looks like it might have more legs than a bucket of chicken!

    And Benny Boy seems quite the magician. What with making tweets disappear, and attempting to saw a lady in half, it’s getting real entertaining.

    I’m off to stock up on popcorn :). .

  5. LF are idiots

     /  13th June 2015

    Oh FFS.


  6. LF are idiots

     /  13th June 2015

    Pete your site really doesn’t want to post these links, suffice it to say that all the supposedly deleted tweets are still available on Twitter, LF simply don’t understand (or are deliberately lying about) the way Twitter cross indexes stuff.

    • Ok, thanks, three Twitter links, not displaying very well here. I’ll put it together in a separate post.

      Not an excuse for LF but Twitter can be very confusing with how it arranges threads.

  1. Disappearing tweets – not | Your NZ

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