Rachinger: “we United to take on Mr Slater for his activities”

Ben Rachinger has reappeared on Twitter, making a very interesting claim that seems at odds with previous versions of how things happened – no names but Jessica Williams isn implicated – “that we United to take on Mr Slater for his activities”.

The exchange began:

So address has accused me of hacking ___ phone and publishing her private conversations…. I laughed.

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That’s a new claim – that Rachinger hacked Jessica Williams’ phone. A serious claim if true.


She sent them to me . How can you spread such vicious lies! Or is that what she told you? Genuine Q. Are you lying or lied to?



The whole point of this was that we United to take on Mr Slater for his activities. I declined to get involved in the smears for that reason

That looks quite different to previous claims by Rachinger that he reacted to requests to hack Slater and did a lone wolf sting.

Who United? The implication here is Williams with Rachinger.

I genuinely thought all the parties involved in this would do the right thing. I guess I have to clear the air myself!  Sometime later

Since then one of those comments expanded into an exchange:

She sent them to me . How can you spread such vicious lies! Or is that what she told you? Genuine Q. Are you lying or lied to?

v serious accusation by ; Please can all parties confine themselves to the certain truth or withdraw & apologise

He’s previously admitted to and apologised for publishing my private messages.

The plot gets ever thicker.

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  1. As I keep saying, I hope Ben’s parents are arranging for the medical help he actually needs. People should remember he is in real need of professional help.

  2. Havesome morepork

     /  13th June 2015

    Interesting that Weka of The Standard needed to be copied into the conversation for no apparent reason.

    • Weka was commenting on Rachinger yesterday.

      Two bloggers obviously have an agenda (attacking the journalist and Rachinger). I’ve been trying to get some sense out of twitter peeps about why they consider the photos came from Rachinger, but it’s hard going. It seems likely that it was Rachinger, but no-one is saying why exactly (although it’s partly also that the evidence would mean talking about personal detail).


      He has two accounts. On one of them yesterday he tweeted a lot and then closed the account (I don’t know if it’s deleted or private or what, but it’s not visible). He quite often makes his accounts invisible or unreadable.

      Sounds interested rather than involved.

  3. Shagger

     /  14th June 2015

    So it’s a denial. It’s a united front. Well what is it Ben??? It can’t be both


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