An assault revisited

A firearm related assault nearly a year ago, in late June 2014, came up in comments here and has prompted more of a look at it.

When searching around I came across this article, by David Fisher in NZ Herald last October.

Ex-pizza boss Matt Blomfield: Whaleoil and me

Matt Blomfield was beaten bloody. A shotgun blast ringing in his ears. Blows from the stock of the weapon splitting skin to send blood running down his face.

It was a horrifying attack at home. His children were watching. One stood at the window as her father grappled with the intruder. The other sought shelter in the house, seeking safety from the armed man who brought violence to their home.

Blomfield had fought off the attacker, fiercely enough that police later found blood from which they took DNA. A 37-year-old man was arrested in July and is before the courts.

He struggled to think who might want him hurt, or worse. In the end, he came up with a suspect list of 285,000 people – the monthly readership of the Whaleoil blog, who he believed had been given every reason to think he was one of the worst people in New Zealand.

There are very clear implications in that.

…you don’t have to be famous to become a target of Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil blog. Slater, who has previously called himself a “bully” in an interview with theHerald, lives by the motto “Never F*** With A Blogger”.

Anyone is considered fair game.

And in that. But there are only claims and implications, no evidence.

Martyn Bradbury also linked the assault with Slater when commenting on this story, in The things Whaleoil did to Matthew Blomfield & why haven’t Police chased his stolen emails the way they did for Slater?

Now this assault took place in 20 April 2014 and was reported by Bevan Hurkey at NZ Herald:

Death threats before attack

A businessman who suffered facial injuries during a vicious fight in his home with a masked gunman had received anonymous death threats prior to the incident.

Matthew Blomfield, 38, suffered facial injuries after being hit with a rifle and is understood to have narrowly avoided being shot when the gun went off during the terrifying ordeal last Saturday night.

The gunman, wearing a Spiderman mask, tried to gain access to Blomfield’s home, where his wife and two small children were, it is understood.

A police manhunt with armed officers failed to locate the offender. Forensics officers spent a day at the house searching for any DNA traces.

Several neighbours witnessed part of the attack. Blomfield was admitted to North Shore Hospital with facial injuries and was discharged on Sunday.

Blomfield said he had been advised by police not to comment.

But writing on blog site The Standard last year, he told how he and members of his family had received anonymous, violent threats. Blomfield, a former Hell Pizza advertising executive, launched defamation action against Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater for a series of posts written in 2012.

While Blomfield was “advised by police not to comment” somehow Hurley managed to bring Slater into the reckoning.

Then in July there was an arrest for this

Press Release: New Zealand Police

Wanted man Ned Tehuru PARAHA arrested and charged

Sunday, 13 July 2014 – 12:45pm


Police have this morning arrested and charged Ned Tehurua PARAHA, a wanted man Police have been looking for since late June, in relation to a home invasion.

The 37 year-old was arrested in central Auckland in the early hours of this morning.

Paraha’s image was circulated to media on Friday 27 June.

He has since been charged with aggravated burglary, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault with intent to injure and possession of methamphetamine and will appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow.

I think it’s fairly uncommon for bloggers or blog commenters (people like us) to be involved in assaults of this type – I haven’t heard of any.

It’s common for druggies and gang members to be involved in assaults. David Fisher is a senior reporter and will have (or should have) researched this sort of detail and not just repeated allegations and insinuations fed to him, shouldn’t he?

Slater responded to Fisher’s article with some suggestions and accusations of his own about what sort of person might have have been involved in the assault in THE LIES BY OMISSION AND INFERENCE OF A TAINTED JOURNALIST [UPDATED].

My Police sources also tell me that this man is a Mongrel Mob associate and despite another person being named as the alleged attacker no evidence exists that proves that, nor do the police suspect that person and the naming of him is viewed as nothing but a vexatious complaint designed to hurt and malign. I don’t know about you guys but I suspect my readership is non-existent in Mongrel Mob circles.

Quite apart from the other simply wrong assertions, it is those ones, the ones that impinge the reputation of me, this site and the readers of this site by a lie of omission and then an inference is outrageous.

The fact that other blogs have spread this, has made their defamation worse

That does sound like Slater is justifiably annoyed. But it doesn’t rule out every possibility, especially when Slater’s wife recounts stories like this on Thursday in Spanish Bride reports back on decade of dirt:

Another speaker told an amusing tale about how Cameron worked with him doing debt collection from Gang members. He made the point that Cam is not just a guy being tough behind a computer screen he is actually just as fearless in real life.

But I can find no evidence at all that Slater was involved in the assault, nor does it seem likely.

Slater added to his October post:

UPDATED: Matthew Blomfield has asked me to remove the details of the person who came to his property from the Whaleoil website. He has a young family and is concerned that associates and family members of this person will read the post.

Mr Blomfield also said that “He has no evidence that Mr Slater was involved in the attack at his home and that he made that very clear to David Fisher”

Matthew can correct me if that’s wrong.

If Blomfield correct then it looks like Fisher has been dishonest and vindictive – and he can correct me if this inaccurately represents what happened, but he must have ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of his article, and in this case it looks sloppy at best.

This also raises questions about why a gang member involved with drugs might have been assaulting Blomfield.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  14th June 2015

    It must be rare if you haven’t heard of any-but I wouldn’t put much past Mr Slater,

    • I’d be very surprised in he was involved in any assault like that. I’d also be very surprised if your typical blog commenter was involved – unless it was through an outside-social media association.

      • kittycatkin

         /  14th June 2015

        I can’t see him doing it himself, but might he not bribe/blackmail someone into doing it for him ?

        • Anything’s possible in this story. But there’s now reports Blomfield’s brother has just been assaulted as well.

  2. Flopper

     /  14th June 2015

    From the commentary box to the sidelines, Pete?? Don’t let them drag you onto the field, you’ll be expected to pick a side!!

  3. i would suggest given the person is currently serving a jail sentence it is safe to say the offender has been caught, and given the person involved was an gang member or associate it is pretty hard to see how they would be involved on behalf of a blogger with a civil defamation case

    • I can’t find any reference to any court appearance.

      • Shagger

         /  14th June 2015

        That’s the thing – he was arrested – we know that much. He was charged – so what’s actually happened????

        • DaveG

           /  14th June 2015

          Perhaps a sheepish MB decided he didn’t want any charges and [Edited – no facts to back up claim PG]? Just a theory, but it would explain why no court case yet! Maybe Matt left hospital quickly as [Edited – no facts to back up claim PG]? Too many unanswered questions around MB, and his trained and skilled “tame” repeaters.

          • kittycatkin

             /  14th June 2015

            Can someone refuse to cooperate ? Well, they can, of course, but once the charges have been made and the case is in train, can the victim stop it ? I know that women can’t when it’s a domestic, but don’t know about these things generally. Any legal experts’ advice would be welcome. Maybe Graham McGreasy would be interested-or is this not important enough for him ? No reputations to ruin, no careers to ruin, no prominent person’s time to waste, no vast amounts of money to waste either.

  4. paul468

     /  14th June 2015

    What would be the alleged offenders motive?

    • I can’t find anything that’s been reported on that, and can’t find any sign of a court case, so that appears to be unknown.

    • DaveG

       /  14th June 2015

      My belief (thoughts only, no proof) it’s either [Edit: no facts to back up claim PG]. I base this on the public history of MB’s dealings and track record. Not too many people need to deal with gang types, so the burning question is why was Bloomfield even dealing or associated with a gang at all.

      • An there’s been unconfirmed reports this week that brother Dan Blomfield has been assaulted perhaps in similar circumstances.

        • DaveG

           /  14th June 2015

          This could all be the forerunner that they are seriously coming to get MB. Perhaps the assaults on his family members are a warning? Maybe it’s time for the police to visit them ALL but get them in seperate rooms. I think we can be sure, this entire saga seems to be escalating rapidly, how long to go till something major happens ?

  5. Goldie

     /  14th June 2015

    To insinuate that Slater had anything to do with a horrible assault is just vile. But nothing surprises me about the NZ Herald anymore.

  6. Shagger

     /  15th June 2015

    And one should not forget that long winded post over at The Standard where Prentice picked up Blomfields bullshit and promoted him as some sort of poor victim who did no wrong.

  7. good point @shagger – usually old Lynne fires up commenting here if any comments directed at him don’t fit with his agenda. After all he has backed Blomfield big time allowing him to have a voice over at TS. Been pretty quiet this time around. Perhaps he knows he was used last time around by Blomfield and it did him more harm than good.


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