Manolo followup

Light on posts this morning, I’ve been a bit preoccupied on Kiwiblog, having sparked off a shitfight. Some there have raised genuine and reasonable concerns, others not so much.

It’s too lengthy to go into detail but <a href=”″>starts about here.</a>

If you look through this then please ignore comments by Shawn Herles, he wishes his comments to be unconnected with anything outside Kiwiblog, especially with here.

It took until this morning to see a more reasoned approach. I think this is a fair comment although i don’t entirely agree.


I believe you crossed a line. You need to consider your own motivations. Some here conclude that there was a degree of spite involved. Only you know that. My only comment – if you are unhappy about what happens on this site then deal with it on this site according to this site’s rules. The issue needs to be debated.

I understand that some think I crossed a line. I think I nudged the line, deliberately, but don’t break any rules.

I was drawing attention to an insidious ongoing issue on Kiwiblog that the site rules don’t appear to have been able to deal with.

I agree the whole issue deserves more debate.

Are you suggesting that I should abide by the rules here but that Manolo gets a free pass for repeatedly breaking rules with apparent impunity, with the active and tacit support of some here (not suggesting you are included in that Nookin).

A difficulty with the rules in this is that individual comments may seem like minor breaches, but collectively and accumulatively.

This will probably be ongoing but it’s worthwhile, I think there are worthwhile issues involved.

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  1. Handbags on the internet. Let it go, you’re embarrassing yourself Pete.

    • Reginald Perrin

       /  16th June 2015

      I concur. My former boss CJ used to say “I didn’t get where I am today by embarrassing myself”, and he was right.

    • I’ve done this for a specific purpose, not for public appeal.

  2. “please ignore comments by Shawn Herles, he wishes his comments to be unconnected with anything outside Kiwiblog, especially with here.”

    Herles has a major lesson in consequences coming his way.

    SH: “he should have talked to DPF rather than outing Manolo on another blog.”

    UT: “Why should he talk to DPF about it? DPF doesn’t have a monopoly on remedies even when his blog is involved.” (this is my 9:04)


    PG: Why all the concern? It seems obvious that Manolo doesn’t care about it.

    RS: Because next time you might do it to someone who does care about it, and has good reason to care about it.

    SH: Exactly right, and that is also the answer to Ugly’s dumb question at 9:04

    According to Herles, PG should talk to DPF because someone might might care about PG calling them out. If this isn’t a a weapons-grade non-sequitur then I don’t know what is.

  3. SteveRemmington

     /  16th June 2015

    I don’t have a dog in this fight although I will say that as an avid reader of Stuff opinion pages it wasn’t hard to make the connection between Manolo KB and Manolo Stuff especially when some scumbag outed him previously on the Standard. That being said to out someone who is posting under complete anonymity would be a rat shit thing to do, but was Manolo wanting anonymity?

    Pseudonym: is a name that a person or group assumes for a particular purpose, which differs from his or her original or true name

    Anonymity: is that a person be non-identifiable, unreachable, or untrackable.

  4. Colin

     /  16th June 2015

    Dear Peter, the worst of all is that you identified and outed the WRONG Manolo. Yes, the wrong person.

    • kiwi_guy

       /  16th June 2015

      How was he “outed” – he wasn’t hiding his identity was he?


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