Lauda Finem and conspiracy theories

There is frequent speculation and accusations about who ‘Lauda Finem’ is/are. It’s conspiracy theorist heaven.

Lynn Prentice has often made claims about knowing who runs Lauda Finem, how they run a joint conspiracy with Cameron Slater. On Twitter yesterday:

LF bros lying just as they usually do.

Accuracy isn’t part of the [Precautionary delete] thing.

He continued that line here:

But I have met [Precautionary delete]more often, usually when his mate Cameron Slater as a lawyer is making a complete dork of himself in court using his [Precautionary delete]’s legal ‘expertise’. They like taking sly photos because that is how they are – rather gutless prats.

Coming to think of it. I don’t think I have ever had time to have a coffee with Greg either. Have had a single beer with him twice during the occasional biannual Standard meeting. I see him at the odd demo or public meeting that I have come along to.

I suspect that the [Precautionary delete] brothers or their great friend Cam Slater just have just been inventing material.

Claims linking the [Precautionary delete] with Lauda Finem with Cameron Slater are common from Prentice and from others. For example some recent tweets:

It’s a messy saga strewn with toxic lies, but I reckon has nailed the latest Rachinger-Slater twist.

That link is to a blog specialising in conspiracy theories:

Matthew R. X. Dentith

Conspiracy theories, conspiracy theory theories and theories about conspiracy theorists.

His Twitter descrioption:

Author of the Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories & co-host of The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy.

I heard an interview with Matthew on Radio One next week. Yes, he is very interested in conspiracy theories, although his knowledge of ‘Dirty Politics’ seemed a bit superficial. You might get an idea of his political interests from his blog Links.

Back to Nippert’s tweet, which started an interesting thread.

Lauda Finem top dogs were at WO’s shindig the other night.

Kemara has an interesting past, having been imprisoned with Tama Iti as one of the ‘Urewera Four’.

Talking about conspiracy theories, Cameron Slater asked of Kemara “Is This The Man Behind The Brash Email Thefts?” – like most conspiracy theories that was never proven.

Kemara’s conspiracy claim interested Dentith:

Really? Now that’s interesting…

And others:

So that would be D for dependent [Precautionary delete]? And was [Deleted as per court order]there too?
Oops, I meant D for *defendant* ..

But Cam claimed to be shocked and appalled by what LF had done! Surely, some mistake?

Where was Slater Jnr’s expression of being shock and appalled, Russell?

Embedded image permalink

WO being shocked by *that* alone should be clue enough…

Yes to the first bit, and don’t know about anyone else sorry.

Cheers, pattern recognition leads me to perceive those three as part of Slater’s ugly smear/attack gang.

Certainly appear to be helping him shoot out chaff.

Birds of a feather, etc. They each avoid writing about each other, so I’m sorta surprised they’d share meatspace.

Some interesting associations. Plenty of conspiracy stuff for Dentith to get stuck into.

I would have thought it would be a big story if it could be proven that Lauda Finem had close links with Cameron Slater – it would make a great scoop for Nippert.

Cracking through last big story before a well-deserved break. Main parties not talking, but it’s a cracking tale stretching to 11 figures.

Maybe that’s what his big story is about. It would be good to get some of the current conspiracies hacked open.

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  1. [link removed]
    Do you think it wise to be naming / trying to link [edit] when he may well be the person before the Courts???


     /  17th June 2015

    interesting series of tweets there PG – all the suspect players in the Slater hack, along with one who is quite likely Rawshark.

    • Reginald Perrin

       /  17th June 2015

      In talking about the likely identity of Rawshark, and having seen it previously suggested that (s)he was one of the Urewera Wargamers, one name stands out in the post above like the proverbial dog’s appendage.

      • BUCK WIT

         /  17th June 2015

        yep. Maori first name. Asian last name.

        • WON TON SALLY

           /  17th June 2015

          Surely you don’t mean Mat Nip pert ?

          • BUCK WIT

             /  17th June 2015

            i actually wondered if the combo meant the stealing bit and the hacking bit

        • Reginald Perrin

           /  17th June 2015

          I would have thought both names to be of the same heritage Buck. But what would I know, as a mere purveyor of desserts?

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  17th June 2015

        But is he now overseas as Rawshark reportedly is? If not there is another obvious candidate who may have done the actual deed with or without help from this one.

  3. Pete Kane

     /  17th June 2015

    Pete George – for those of us in the 101 class of Your NZ, is there any difference/distinction in NZ law between Lauda Finem and for example the NZ Herald? And taking that further if there was a prima face case of Contempt who appears in Court? is it just the owners/publishers, does it include the journalist etc.? And finally if a person (while in NZ and apprehended in NZ) is found to have posted/published an article breaching a Court Order where the site/publication is off shore will they still be subject to prosecution? I trust you have already breakfasted. Best wishes, Pete Kane.

  4. Shagger

     /  17th June 2015

    Anyone know if it’s true that Lynne Prentices daughter was part of the Urewera 8?? He is always going on about how the cops found out / handled the arrests – she is a big activist I’m told

  5. Flopper

     /  17th June 2015

    It’s like being given a big jigsaw puzzle for your birthday but you only get 1 piece a day!!

  6. traveller

     /  17th June 2015

    One thing we do know is the government is watching their every move, no matter how clever they think they are. I say Amen for that

    • Sallie Lunn

       /  17th June 2015

      Holy Mother….let’s hope Becky hasn’t put the “Fatty poo poo” team on the case 😦


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