Colin Craig: My soulmate’s sacrifice

It could be quite some sacrifice. When high profile people make serious errors of judgement the fall can be hard. And it can especially hard on those closely associated with the fallen, their close family members.

A Woman’s Weekly article in April last year – Colin Craig: My soulmate’s sacrifice

He’s one of the more controversial figures in New Zealand politics, often maligned for his traditional views and provocative statements.

But throughout his turbulent journey into the political sphere, which included a battle against the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act that passed into law last year, Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has managed to weather the storm with the help of his biggest supporter and wife of 23 years.

I’m editing out Craig’s wife’s name.

“It’s hard to see someone you love being criticised unfairly,” says stay-at-home mum [his wife]. “But I’m with him all the way. We need someone who has a different point of view to represent us, and I think he does it really well.”

Some of that may have now changed.

Colin’s journey into politics has shaken up the Craig family since he formed the Conservative Party in 2011 – [his wife]’s initial reaction was, “Do you have to?” before deciding, “Actually, someone’s got to do it, so it may as well be you!”

It may have shaken up the family somewhat more.

Colin says it’s still family first, and he knows how much Colin says it’s still family first, and he knows how much Helen has sacrificed in order for his political dreams to be realised.h

His political dreams weren’t realised and may have turned into a family nightmare.

Craig seems to have been somewhat distracted from both his family and his party during the campaign. The party secretary resigned two days before the election.

“I wouldn’t want to live and breathe politics every moment of my life,” he says. “I want to make sure I’m not exposing my family to the more corrosive elements.”

it looks like he wasn’t living and breathing poiitics.

What carries the pair through, they say, is a strong foundation and unbreakable bond.

This was published five months before the election and the resignation of the party secretary.

Throughout their relationship [his wife] has been the rock for Colin’s pursuits…

While she stayed at home it appears as if he was pursuing.

“He’s action man,” she says fondly. “That’s one of the things that attracted me to him. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

Or in some cases gets tripped up.

And though Colin’s new role sees him travelling the length of the country, he always tries his best to be home for breakfast and bedtime – “and to catch up with [his wife]!”

“She’s the most generous person I know,” Colin smiles. “She’ll go to the supermarket and shout someone their groceries. It’s those random acts of kindness [I admire].

“She’s a great mum. I know how lucky I am!”

She doesn’t seem to have ended up being so lucky.

Colin Craig: My soulmate’s sacrifice

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  1. Pete Kane

     /  19th June 2015

    PG when you say Party Secretary – we are talking of someone different from the Press Secretary mentioned today throughout the media or is this one in the same person?

  2. i always thought Colin Craig was a wanker. All high and mighty with his carry on. All to good to be true. People like him are almost always a fake. He sure proved that today.

  3. Crazy.. Crazy Colin… 🙂
    sounds like the ‘conservatives’ are history in NZ :/


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