Soper on the Craig harassment allegations

Following Larry William’s interview of Cameron Slater on Newstalk ZB – Slater on the Craig harassment allegations – he interviewed Barry Soper, who corroborated Slater’s allegations and said that Craig is finished politically.

Williams: Barry Soper our political editor has been listening to that. All right Barry, you interviewed Mr Craig last night and you put those allegations to him didn’t you.

Soper: Yes I did Larry, and essentially he talked around them and wouldn’t address the actual allegations but um you know like Cameron said they’re pretty well known to those of us who are involved in politics.So ah it came as no surprise really.

No surprise? And it hasn’t been reported until now?

Soper: I guess what happened today, um, I did though expect him to turn up at the board meeting but there was so much dissatisfaction with him that ah he would have been rolled if he didn’t go.

And um the very notion that he may come back as a leader is ridiculous even though he’s poured several million dollars into this party.

It’ll be interesting to see now, I mean there’s been talk about this money being a loan from Colin Craig. Well I think he’d find that very hard now to argue.

Um it’s a very sorry saga ah from the start to the finish and um really ah Colin Craig I’m sure, and I’ve talked to him like you have Larry on a number of occasions, he’ll be hanging his head in shame at the moment, because this is the last thing that anyone ah involved in politics wants to come out.

Williams: Now does this effectively kill the Conservative Party off?

Soper: That’s the big question. Now as I understand it the person who was his biggest supporter in the leadership of the Conservative Party was Christine Rankin. She’s very upset and disappointed by this. And as I understand it she won’t be sticking around, ah so she was something of the glue that held them all together ah through what was a terrible situation.

Ah whether they can survive, I guess you know my view is there’s a possibility of survival because they have that Christian element…

That Craig kept downplaying.

… and there’s always a Christian vote out there and I think even though Colin Craig sort of put that to one side he, i think he in a way collared that vote to an extent.

Um and it’s rather sad because you’ve seen other Christian leaders in the past fall by the wayside like Colin Craig.

Um you know um whether it can survive I think probably yes it will but certainly Colin Craig will not be at the head of the party.

So the death knell for Craig in politics.

The Conservative Party is likely to survive in some form but that 5% threshold looks a high hurdle to reach now. They will have to do a lot more fundraising – it’s hard to see Craig pouring so much cash into it – and will somehow have to overcome a major falling from grace of another conservative political leader.

Audio from Newstalk ZB: Slater, Soper: Allegations against Colin Craig

See previous interview: Slater on the Craig harassment allegations

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  19th June 2015

    It’s horribly easy to make sexual harassment allegations and difficult to refute them ! I also feel that it can make women look like weak victims who can’t handle situations ourselves-and need someone to stand up for us.As adults, we should be able to tell someone to get lost ourselves-unless, of course, it’s a serious attempt at unwanted sex.

  1. Slater on the Craig harassment allegations | Your NZ

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