Prentice, Bradbury and Slater feuds interspersed with Standard history

There seemed to be a bit of a lull in the Lynn Prentice (The Standard) versus Martyn Bradbury (The Daily Blog) feud but it has flared up again with the two trying to demonstrate who is the most bitter and obnoxious. The ongoing Prentice versus Cameron Slater (Whale Oil) feud is also in the bizarre mix of history and hissy fit.

In an otherwise interesting history of the origins of The Standard – A short history of The Standard – Maoriland Worker – Prentice managed to lace it with vitriol aimed at Bradbury and Slater.

In fact he made his attacks on Bradbury the main focus of the history.

There were some ridiculous statements by Martyn Bradbury at The Daily BlogBombast earlier this month continuing his snide comments about this site. His claims that the Labour activists founded the original Standard back in 1936 are bullshit. He gets there by ignoring the history of parent publications and where they formed from.

Clearly the bombastic author of that post was written by someone who spent his education in obtaining a master of  ill-informed juvenile ranting rather than learning much of history of the local labour movement (or much of anything else). So I dug around to see what I could find on the net about The Standard 1.0 and it’s parent publications to give that Mr Bombastic some remedial education in the local history that he is so clearly lacking.

Why the hell Prentice laced what could have been a great historical reference with feud fodder is hard to fathom.

A bit of history about The Standard follows, then a shot at Slater.

This can be seen quite clearly in the distortions that are the history of the Whaleoil blog. Because of its obsessive need by a broke (after his insurance disappeared) Cameron Slater’s need to please his larger funders of money and influence, the site would wind up getting into trouble doing the types of stories that please those funders. This is why Cameron Slater spends too much time in court. They’re still doing it today as far as I can tell.

Then a blast at both Bradbury and Slater.

The Standard 2.0, was deliberately designed by authors and myself who run it to be more like the early Maoriland Worker than Whaleoil or The Daily Bombast.

We haven’t taken money from any organisation including the PR industry, political parties or even from unions like the Daily Bombast does.

The repeated references to ‘Bombast’ in relation to someone else are ironic.

A bit more history and back to the feud.

We can do it with no tolerated external interference apart from obeying the current law (something Cameron Slater apparently has issues with) and the odd polite request from organisations we respect like unions or leftish parties.

And his conclusion includes a double barrelled blast.

Having learnt the lessons of the past (and those of other blogs in the present), that is what we intend to continue to do. That is what having sense of the history does for you. You don’t fall into the same operational organisational traps that the Bombast (set up and still supported by union funding) and Whaleoil (apparently mainly arsehole funding) appear to have tripped into.

That’s a bit of a shame because it would have been a good historical reference without the vitriol.

And it seems to have provoked a vitriolic response from Bradbury:

Your magnificent pettiness Lynn helps explain why the Labour Party had such a pitiful election last year. You have the social skills of a cancerous tumour.

When I say ‘The Standard is a Labour Party Blog’, I don’t mean that MPs feed Standard Bloggers information for black ops purposes. They are in no way shape or form similar to how the Nats use Slater. I’m sure there is pressure and terse words at the way the Standard conducts itself at times, but nothing more than that. When I call The Standard a Labour Party blog, I mean in the sense that…
-the original Standard in the 1930s was set up by Labour activists
-the latest incarnation in 2007 was seeded by the Labour Party
-And like the Labour Party, the Standard can be an alienating, tantrum throwing, bitter pus pit who can’t play well with others.

Grow up

Bradbury has a valid albeit overstated point saying “the Standard can be an alienating, tantrum throwing, bitter pus pit who can’t play well with others” but he obviously has a bit of difficulty playing well with others too. He could follow his own advice and ‘grow up’ but it doesn’t look like happening.

Prentice has achieved quite a lot with The Standard, but respect of himself and of the Labour left are not part of his successes.

Prentice and Bradbury represent the largest two political blogs on the left in New Zealand. Slater represents the largest on the right.

We are poorly served in political debate online by the three of them. No wonder the general voting public is turned off by politics.

UPDATE: And Prentice blasts back.

You have said that before in the post that I responded to. Is that all that you have? Parroted slogans?

You are wrong in all of your final three assertions. As I said in my post, you could do to learn some actual history rather than making up silly myths.

– The original Standard was setup by unionists, and run by them for 50 years from the Maoriland Worker to The Standard 1.0. Sure there was Labour party activists involved throughout (once the Labour party got formed). You’d kind of expect that to happen because they were also labour movement activists. People don’t fit neatly into the discrete labels that simple fools want to slogan them into.

– The current Standard was similarly set up by labour movement activists. Some were Labour party members, many were unionists, some had no party or union affliations. This is also not unexpected in a site from a labour movement that was pretty damn diverse back in 1910 and has been diversifying ever since.

– We tend to respond to your pettiness and snideness with pointing out the facts, in this case in 2000 odd words. If I creep a little terseness in because I doing it to educate a lazy fool, then you can hardly blame me. Fix your own stupid attitude and you’ll get less attitude from me. I’m getting really tired of having to respond to your stupidity.

“Fix your own stupid attitude” could equally apply to Prentice.

Where exactly is the backing for any of of your assertions. When did you invent these? Or are you just parroting someone else’s opinions – like Cameron Slater? Because that appears to be what you are becoming.

Ironic. The three of them can be as bad as each other.

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  1. mom knows best

     /  21st June 2015

    “C’mon boys, play nice please, or you won’t be allowed out….”

  2. Traveller

     /  21st June 2015

    Prentice and Bradbury epitomising the lack of cohesion we’ve come to accept from the left again.
    It’s all so petty and pathetic not to say embarrassing. WO might be all sorts of an obnoxious prat, but he’s one revelling in the publicity Prentice gives him by giving vent to his bizarre blogger jealousy.

  3. SteveRemmington

     /  21st June 2015

    Bomber and Prentice’s handbags at dawn is like two Mongol kids arguing who has the biggest cleft lip or club foot.

  4. DaveG

     /  22nd June 2015

    What really gets to me is the continual bullying and sniping from the likes of The Standard and the Daily Bog, attacking any source of revenue or support that WO may get, of course this is lead by tosser Tiso & Bradbury. I don’t recall this blog, WO or Farrars blog ever directly going to a sponsor or potential sponsor or supporter and moaning like those on the left do, it smacks or jealousy and primar one pettiness. It really is petty bullying especially when they rope in their professional whinging cheer squad some of whom should know better (Lance Wiggs).

    Cam Slater, Lynne P and Gweg Presland (or PresLynne for the pair) can do battle and hurl insults at each other as much as they like, but Slater usually emerges the victor and the PresLynne’s mostly end up soiled and limping away, just like the other day here when LPrent stupidly claimed he hadn’t had a photo taken in over 30 years so he could go to meetings without being recognised etc, until it was pointed out to him by another commenter he had appeared on The Nation – Oops. If ever the Phrase coined on WO, “hoisted by his own retard” fits, that was the moment. Best laugh in a long time thanks Lynne! I note immediately after that, that poor old LPrent must have rushed to the dentist for Root Canal treatment on every tooth in his mouth as he hasn’t been back since. Yup, it’s kids stuff – Lynne, focus on why your bog has not grown compared to WO over the last 5 years instead of trying to shout louder

    • good points @DaveG – and how was his rant against the Nottinghman guys! FFS who actually says he will spend the next 2 decades doing whatever he can to hurt them !! So what after 20 years he will give up? Prentice comes across as a childish twat with a dose stupidity like no other – all in his hate that another blogger is better and more successful then he is.

      • Reginald Perrin

         /  22nd June 2015

        Thats what you get for being the World’s Greatest Sys-Op, and sitting at a computer all day. I would suggest that Mr Prentice scores low on the social skills index, but high on hypocrisy, even though he cannot see it himself.


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