Conservatives – Craig and lawyers versus Stringer

Conservative Board member John stringer appeared on The Nation in the weekend and added to some significant accusations about Colin Craig’s behaviour, including the need to have a chaperone with Craig during the election campaign. Craig’s press secretary resigned two days before last year’s election.

Stringer also effective accused Craig of lying (he used the word ‘mistruth’.

3 News and The Nation coverage: Conservative board member slams Craig.

Craig reacted quickly with an implied threat of legal action against Stringer. Radio NZ reported on Saturday:

Craig demands retraction from board member

John Stringer spoke out this morning saying he was sick of a culture of confidentiality being used to cover up what he called abhorrent behaviour.

He also said he wrote a year ago with concerns about Mr Craig’s working relationship with his former press secretary.

Colin Craig said Mr Stringer was wrong with many of the things he said, but could not say what.

“I’ve only seen the interview and there was a lot of content in it, I had not yet had the opportunity to work through piece by piece, but I have listened to it and I’ve taken already some preliminary advice.

“As I say I will be expecting a retraction slash correction of things he has said.”

Mr Craig said he would announce on Monday action he would take against some media, which have reported what he called scurrilous material.

Presumable Whale Oil will be a target of Craig’s attention but Slater is unrepentant and claims to have solid evidence to back his claims.

Radio NZ reports this morning:

Craig takes legal advice over allegations

The former Conservative Party leader, Colin Craig, says he is taking legal advice over accusations made about him

Craig has a history of threatening legal action over what people or publications have said about him.

During the weekend, a party board member, John Stringer, said he was sick of a culture of confidentiality being used to cover up what he called abhorrent behaviour.

Mr Craig said he would be asking for a retraction, as those allegations are untrue.

“Let’s say at this stage it’s really a retraction that makes the most sense, I would not rule out something beyond that, but I think the appropriate place to start is to perhaps get some correction on some of the things that he’s said.”

Mr Craig said he was also not happy with some media articles about him.

I’m sure Craig is not happy with media coverage, but media are well aware of his litigious nature and will presumably have taken care over what they have reported.

Craig may be able to legally bluster some into retracting comments but the horses have well and truly bolted the stable on this.

Perhaps Craig could get a blanket suppression on any accusations. But they are already well circulated.

If Craig wants to effectively deal with what has happened he needs to be upfront and address accusations, not try to use his lawyers to drive them under a carpet.

That will only work if he has been unfairly accused and there is no substance to some or all of the accusations.

But at best that will still leave Craig severely embarrassed. If the poem that has been published is authentic it doesn’t prove harassment or anything illegal but it proves his social and moral hypocrisy and severely damages the Conservative party image.

If Craig continues to deny and attack back via his lawyers he will only increase the damage, to himself and to his party.

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     /  22nd June 2015

    Lawyers. Lawyers. Lawyers. Thats all this fool knows. Bullying and intimidation are the name of his game…. along with a little sexual harrassment .

  2. DaveG

     /  22nd June 2015

    I just watched th elive presser on Periscope, thanks to Whale oil, and the entire theme was, I have done not much wrong, my wife loves me and forgives me, and im going to continue. This guy is more deluded than Len Brown. He refused to answer any questions he didne like, and his MO seems to come straight from Len Brown or LPrent, although he is polite. He even produced a media statement, meaning, stick to this or be sued!

    My response, Okay Colin, your a Saint!!

    • i have done not much wrong, my wife forgives me. Hmm so you’ve done nothing but you need forgiveness from your wife……… interesting words from from Colin

  3. Missy

     /  22nd June 2015

    I just read Pete Belt’s ‘From the Passenger Seat’ post on the press conference, now I could be misreading it, but to me a part of the post appeared to imply that Colin Craig’s wife is now fair game for the media, his words were: “I stated I hoped he wouldn’t drag his wife into this. But he has. And under the rules of media engagement, once you bring your family into a political situation to benefit yourself politically, they become legitimate persons of interest for further attention.” He goes on to suggest they won’t ‘go there’ but will if Colin Craig forces their hand by using her as a shield, to me that sounds a bit like a threat to Colin Craig.

    And by the way, wth are rules of media engagement? what are they? Media military? He is sounding a bit like a try-hard, like he wants everyone to think he knows what he is talking about, but the whole post came off sounding like a thinly veiled threat against Colin Craig – and worse – his wife.

    Whatever language he may use, and whatever he thinks is the way to do things, it is totally out of order to drag his wife into it, regardless of whether Colin Craig does or not. And the subtle threats in that post are disgraceful.

  4. Brown

     /  22nd June 2015

    I confess I can’t see why Stringer has taken the line he has. The matter could, and should, have been dealt with quietly in-house yet here we have one of the inner gang going feral. I think Craig is no front man for a political party but maybe its just a case of people ditching the man paying the bills and getting shitty when he says, “Up yours, pay your own bills”. It all seems counterproductive so a rational reason for all the public fuss is not easy to see unless Craig is an anti-christ or something worse like a leftie.


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