A blog overrates itself a tad

A blogger seems a bit miffed he’s not getting the recognition he thinks he deserves.

It looks like Claire Trevett can’t say my name:

Craig’s problem came to light after a blog printed material pertinent to the resignation of his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor and some board members began to speak their concerns about that resignation. Craig’s attempts to clear it up only served to smear the glass more.

A blog?

Surely she means THE blog. You can add up all the traffic of every other blog in NZ and still you don’t get to THE blog.

I’ve got a new policy now. Not only will I not link to “a newspaper, I will now place credits at the bottom of the post in the same manner with which they treat me.

The petulance they show is pathetic. It’s like I am a combination of Voldemort and Heisenberg.

Ok, the blog gets nearly as many visits/month as the the rest rated by Open Parachute, and a few more page views per month.

But a lot of blogs, including some sizeable ones, don’t chase ratings recognition as if it means much more than bargaining power for advertising. Journalist blogs aren’t included either and they are likely to attract relatively large numbers.

Differentiating blogs amongst a vast array of social media also seems a bit pointless. The vast majority of people know little or nothing about blogs and could barely name any – if any. In the whole scheme of things the reality is that blogs are minor players, even those who keep blowing their trumpets amongst a cacophony of online noise..

Numbers are numbers. If the blogger is obsessed by them and has a hissy if his blog isn’t the news perhaps the focus could be a bit askew.

Why not concentrate more on quality and less on quantity? Ok, if clicks pay the bills that may not be a solution but if recognition is so important then debatable numbers games aren’t likely to achieve much.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  25th June 2015

    Oh, the poor baby ! (makes sympathetic cooing sounds) Diddums not have ze weckynition that he deservywervys den ? There, there, ickle bloggywoggykins, den. (makes kissywissy sounds) Come to Uncle Pete and Auntie Kittycatkin.


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