Interesting poll reactions

The latest Roy Morgan poll has National down 4.5 to 49.5% and Labour up 0.5 to 26.0% – see Roy Morgan poll – June.

National supporter David Farrar showed on Facebook that the drop for National doesn’t bother him.

National is in real trouble in the polls. They have dropped to 49.5% in the latest Roy Morgan!!

They would have only 62 seats on this poll, while the surging Labour Party would have 32 seats.

He also posted briefly at Kiwiblog – Latest poll – and linked via “I’ve blogged the latest poll at Curia”.

In contrast there has been no post on it at The Standard (to date), only a brief mention and exchange between two Labour actiovists, the first of whom is also an author.

Latest Roy Morgan out. 4.5% drop in support for National. Judith Collins will be well pleased!

So no mention of Labour’s result by Te Reo Putake, and a snarky response when a fellow party member details some fairly pertinent results.

And another tries to dredge up a diss…


Support for Independent/ Others = 2% (up 1%).

That is more than the support for each of the following patsy parties
in Government…

ACT P=1%
Maori P=1%
Uni Fut= 0%.

Pathetic !

…while also ignoring the polling elephant in Labour’s room.

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  1. Of course no post at TS Public Loo – Labour still miles behind and not picking up the Nats points loss

  2. pdm

     /  25th June 2015

    Given that the Nats haven’t been too flash for most of this year does this poll mean that when they do get their act together Labour will descend towards 20%?

  3. I think there is a general mood that this ‘Govt.’ have: lost touch, are totally arrogant & smug & their whole agenda is only about looking after the 50.1% who put them there.. even with Act & U/F they are now slipping lower than this thresh-hold. Long may they continue to slide further. HO HUM
    “Give HIM enough rope & HE’ll eventually hang HIMself’ LOL 🙂

    • DaveG

       /  25th June 2015

      Agree on th ebasis of those “one poll” comments, but we also need to remember, it is only one poll, and its a ROUGE Morgan poll, they tend to be scewed towards the reds in the bed. I suggest we look at the issue again after a few more polls, my thoughts are, they too will show the Nats dropping a bit, but not as far as the Rogue Morgan poll.

      Then the all important, would you vote for Key or Angry Andy. Yup, no contest!


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