If more people get angry how will the world change?

Will getting angry change the world? In some ways it can. There’s been a few angry revolutions that have precipitated major  change. Some of that change has been for the better, eventually. And some to the detriment of the world. The problem with anger is it can work in different ways.

But generally anger isn’t an effective way to change things for the better.

This doesn’t stop some people from trying to talk up anger to promote their politics.

Stephanie Rodgers seems to be often angry online, and she’s just put up an anger promoting post at The Standard – Damn right I’m angry.

In advance of making any points she warns people about telling her to tone things down.

There’s a term: “tone argument”. It refers to the regular pleas directed at feminists, anti-racism activists, indigenous rights activists, trans activists, etc to stop being so aggressive and ask nicely for fundamental human rights and dignity instead ofshouting so much. It’s a derailment, a troll move, a way to undermine and ignore the actual arguments being made.

That’s Stephanie-speak for “don’t argue with me on my post or I’ll shut you up”. Arguments on her post most toe her line or they will  not be tolerated.

The irony is that these voices are already marginalized. Shouting is often the only way to get heard.

Getting heard is not the same as being effective. It’s easy to dismiss angry shouting as angry shouting. I doubt that shouting angrily at politicians in New Zealand has a major record of success.

Stephanie then goes on to detail what politics she’s angry about.

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

I’m not angry and I think I pay attention as much as Stephanie. I think she means that if you’re not angry like her you’re not paying attention to what she’s angry about.

And when you’re angry, you can change the world.

As I said at the start, anger can change the world, for better and for worse. But most often it’s not a good way to achieve change, especially in New Zealand.

That’s why anger scares them so much.

I don’t know who would be scared by political anger posted at The Standard, at all let alone ‘so much’.

Acting and claiming extremes suggests to me that Stephanie is too intent on expressing anger to listen and observe beyond her bubble of rage.

She even reinforces her bubble by threatening anyone who might dare disagree with her. She doesn’t want to listen to anything but her angry argument.

Anger is ok at times but level headed determination and persistence are likely to be listened to more by those able to change the world to any extent.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  27th June 2015

    Control anger engage brain works. Don’t control anger disengage brain doesn’t. As the Left have repeatedly proven for the last 100 years.

  2. Anger is great motivator, but like PG said unless you direct your anger wisely your efforts can be in vain or counterproductive.

  3. kiwi_guy

     /  28th June 2015

    Stephenie Rodgers is an excellent example of the Cultural Marxist rot at the heart of Left politics these days.

    Her Feminist twitter account is hilarious – she constantly rages at “the Patriarchy’ and men for not finding her “big boned” physique beautiful and thus making her feel depressed while using manhater hash tags like #KillAllWhiteMen. She gets into cat fights with other feminists online about whose the most pure Feminist doctrinaire and they all end up blocking and unfollowing each other, LOL.

    • David

       /  28th June 2015

      Her rants against BMI for calling her fat are particularly funny.

      • kiwi_guy

         /  28th June 2015

        Yeah, Ms Rogers linked through to some “Abundant Bodies” “Healthy At Any Size” man hater site claiming they had research proving that obesity actually IMPROVED health outcomes, seriously! I took a quick look and google it and of course quickly found the REAL science that Mr Rogers and her Sisterhood were pathetically trying to manipulate.

        I pointed it out to her and she got VERY angry, lol.

        All those hideous selfies she takes and uploads to her twitter account (during time she is supposedly at work as a “Communications Advisor” for some union gambit) with comments like “I have beautiful curls!”. Shudder.

        • David

           /  29th June 2015

          “Communications Advisor”

          I believe this role is also known as ‘paid troll’.


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