Total no confidence in Craig

The Conservative Party board has emphatically shown no confidence in Colin Craig, with the third last and second last board members resigning yesterday. The party’s other major donor Laurence Day has quit, and the chariman Brian Dobbs has not only quit the board, he’s quitting the party.

Radio NZ: Conservative Party chairman Brian Dobbs resigns

In a statement, Mr Dobbs cites recent revelations and the events of the past week as his reasons for quitting, saying his position is now untenable.

Mr Dobbs has also resigned as a member of the Conservative Party.

That leaves just one board member, John Stringer. He has lead the moves to depose Craig as leader and also to throw Craig out of the party. On his own he has no power to do the latter now. Stringer was also going to be subject to disciplinary action by the board but that looks difficult to achieve with no other board members left.

There was supposed to be a board meeting today and in Conservative Party down to one board member NZ Herald says that Stringer is trying to keep that alive.

Mr Stringer, the party’s self-appointed chairman, was tonight attempting to recruit board members to get the party back on track.

The board had been scheduled to meet tomorrow, and one of the motions on the agenda was to cancel Mr Craig’s membership.

Mr Stringer said the meeting could still take place.

“It is an extraordinary situation, and I haven’t been left with any other choices,” he said.

The party’s constitution requires fair process before a member is expelled.

There was also confusion about Mr Stringer’s status as a board member. He had been facing disciplinary action for breaking the party’s code of conduct, and could still be sacked.

I don’t know who will sack him.

In the meantime Craig is still battling to take back control of the party he founded.

Mr Craig said last night he was poised to snatch back the Conservative Party which he created, funded and led, until a week ago.

He said that a new board and leader would be chosen by the party’s membership, among whom he remained popular.

“There will be a resolution of members which will appoint a new board, and John Stringer will not be on that board,” he said.

It looks like Craig believes he has enough support amongst the party members who haven’t quit but that’s not guaranteed by any means. Craig has a history of overstating support for himself and the party.

Wairarapa politicos cut party ties shows there has been some attrition.

Former Conservative Party stalwarts Brent and Sue Reid are severing all ties with the beleaguered party.

They are blaming ex-leader Colin Craig and his former press secretary for disappointing “ordinary, hardworking New Zealanders” and corrupting a ready-made conservative network.

It’s quite possible a majority of those remaining in the party back Craig. It’s possible a majority would not support Stringer. If the party allows for a democratic process to choose a new board a new (or returning) leader it’s up to the members who haven’t quit.

But with the whole of the current board giving up on him it’s likely that if Craig does get back in charge it will be of a much weaker party.

It’s hard to see the voting public having sufficient confidence in whatever survives this mess to hold anything like the level of support to get anywhere near Parliament.

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  1. J Bloggs

     /  27th June 2015

    It’s a shame Gilbert and Sullivan aren’t around – can you imainge what they’d have made of this farce

  2. kittycatkin

     /  27th June 2015

    The Conservative Party’s new theme song is ‘Alone again, naturally.’

    Non Gilbert & Sullivan sed Gilbert O’Sullivan 😀


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