Harmful Digital Communications Act

The Harmful Digital Communications Act passed it’s last vote in Parliament today with only five votes against. David Seymour had already stated his opposition but Greens also allowed a rare split vote with four of their MPs breaking ranks.

There’s plenty of doom and gloom and ‘the end of the online world as we know it’ comment in social media.

They could get really radical and act like responsible and respectful adults. But it’s easier to blame Government attempts (probably flawed) to protect people from unnecessary abuse and bullying.

Do unto others as you would find acceptable to have done to you sort of thing.

One can hope.

What should really happen is that Members of parliament and political parties should lead by example. There’s probably less hope for that.

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  1. Brown

     /  1st July 2015

    You can’t legislate a change of moral behaviour. We have always had bullies and always will. The digital age and the perception of being anonymous have just allowed this human trait to become more widespread because being a prick in this new age is less likely to result in repercussions.

    Christians will remain fair game of course because they don’t bite.

    • I bite sometimes (I’m not a Christian though) – I think people should be prepared to stand up against online bullying, otherwise the bullies think it’s acceptable behaviour.

  2. Whilst most people accept that bullying (esp. online) needed to be addressed, introducing legislation to broadly criminalise this, may well be a step to far. I listened to Mr Seymour’s contribution & this seemed to be the thrust of his argument. He even went as far as saying he wanted to ‘defeat the bill’. Brave words from a ‘coalition partner’ BUT I think he does take the ‘libertarian view’ about responsibility.
    I also think he does not fully support the Govt. ‘zero-tolerance’ view on Cannabis laws either ? :/


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