Conservative accusations of Craig lying

A number of Conservative Party members, including two current or ex Board members have accused (or strongly implied) Colin Craig of lying.

In Holier than thou? (Stuff) Garth McVicar, who was a high profile candidate for the Conservatives in last year’s election, refers to a ‘forked tongue’:

McVicar unsuccessfully stood for the Conservatives in Napier and while it’s been rumoured that he’s the preferred new Conservative leader he has no desire to return to politics.

Politicians promise the earth over election time but over the next three years do bugger-all. That’s not my style. It’s incredibly disheartening… I was probably a dreamer thinking that I could do any better than the 120 politicians we’ve got.”

Craig’s behaviour hasn’t done anything to assuage his concerns. “You put yourself out there as a leader, so ultimately it’s hypocrisy when you’re found to be speaking with a forked tongue.”

Another high profile recruit was Christine Rankin, who became Party CEO before resigning recently.

She wanted to resign after the election. “We haven’t been allowed to talk about what the issues were during the election campaign…he blocked it every time we got near.”

She confronted him four weeks ago when she got solid evidence. “I heard Colin say ‘I’ve never been approached by board members.’

“He convinced me, he convinced everyone, he was like ‘no, I’m Christian, I wouldn’t do that.’ He’s very charming.”

Until the past couple of weeks Craig has denied being approached by the board over his behaviour related to Rachel MacGregor.

John Stringer, who claims to have formed a new Board (but Craig claims has been thrown out of the Party) would only go as far as calling Craig’s claims ‘untruths’ when he first went public on The Nation. Here is part of the transcript of the interview:

Okay. Because I’m just wanting now play you a clip of Colin Craig addressing that question about whether anyone on the board raised questions about the nature of the relationship. Let’s have a listen.

Paul Henry: Are there members on the board who feel that you have not been honest with them about any dealings that you’ve had with Rachel MacGregor or indeed there was an inappropriate relationship that you haven’t been honest with them about?

Colin Crag: No board member has ever raised that concern with me. I have not ever been accused of being dishonest.

That’s a clear statement denying it had been raised with him.

Lisa Owen: That was Friday morning. So what’s your response to that? Because he’s saying nobody brought it up.

John Stringer: That is completely untrue. Because the board has discussed this almost monthly perhaps for a year. Even before this matter came up we had concerns, and this has been discussed at length and comes up all the time. When we had the briefing of the regional chairman, the very first question that was asked of Colin by the regional chairman was this matter. So Colin cannot say this has not been raised.

So Colin Craig’s lying, that’s what you’re saying.

What he’s just said is untrue.

Well, that’s a lie, isn’t it? This is a man who’s campaigned on high moral standards and bringing different kind of politics. Are you telling me that he’s telling untruths?

Well, it’s certainly not the experience that I’ve had around the board table, and it’s been discussed many times when I’ve been there, and I’ve discussed it myself with Colin. So I don’t know what he means.

Now Stringer is more forthright.

“The lies, the deceit, the false information,” Stringer said. “The guy’s lying through his teeth and it’s just shocking.”

That seems to be backed up by Rankin and McVicar.

It certainly looks like Craig has not been truthful with some aspects of this issue. This must put into doubt any of his claims that aren’t backed by evidence or independent corroboration.

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  1. Lying involves intent to mislead or deceive, simply getting your facts wrong isn’t the same thing as lying.

    The “Christians don’t lie” angle tells you a lot about faith based politics – Paul’s inconsistent accounts of his experience on the road to Damascus can most reasonably be explained as lying to make himself look more important. Paul’s vanity is apparent in much of his writings and was a subject of comment by James the Just.

    This hypocrisy plays out via the union of church and state with the NZ state lying about its mandate to make law and also lying about the nature of the common law. Forked tongue politics is institutional, and the fraud is typically carried out the the use of ambiguous language, often involving misleading titles.

    Finding a remedy for institutional corruption involves making fundamental changes to the way that we relate to the civil system. It’s not simply a matter of patching up the old system because the allegiance of all the key players within the civil system is not with the ordinary people of this country but rather with a foreign monarch, with that monarch being the “Supreme Governor” of a Christian institution.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  1st July 2015

    I prefer to assume that people are honest until they are proved or obviously not. I am not such a model of virtue myself that I can justify the assumption that all people except myself are liars and dishonest.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  1st July 2015

    Although I must say that I am unimpressed with Christine Rankin’s record of honesty. I read her 12 Questions answers in the Herald. Some of her answers were non-answers, some were rather odd. Did her mother really walk around a small mining town wearing a hat, gloves and a stole ? Her description of how her current (4th) marriage came about is a classic example of self-justification and revisionism. The woman’s conceit seems to be limitless.

    I remember when she dropped a staff member right in it over the extravagance of spending at WINZ, losing her her job.CR made the other woman sign off the private plane and luxury lodge ordered by CR, thus leaving herself technically in the clear. The other woman had the last laugh when she went for and was given a massive settlement.


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