The Winston replacement battle

Hints of a possible deputy leadership battle in NZ First look like they were accurate – see Peters can’t name his deputy – with an announcement supposedly imminent (tomorrow is the word).

3 News: NZ First cagey about leadership rumours

New Zealand First is planning a crisis meeting tomorrow where it’s widely expected deputy leader Tracey Martin will be rolled.

The party’s MPs have been cagey about the issue over the last two days, with many refusing to confirm Ms Martin’s still in the role.

Leader Winston Peters says she is for now, but won’t say what might happen tomorrow.

Asked whether the party had a succession plan, Mr Peters said he’s “probably got 10 successors – that’s how much talent we’ve got in New Zealand First”.

Yeah, all lining up to topple Peters.

David Farrar with the not so secret The secret NZ First Deputy!

UPDATE: I understand that Mark did defeat Martin by one vote for the Deputy Leadership, after Richard Prosser swapped camps. We’ll find out tomorrow if this is correct, but heard from a parliamentary source.

It seems that Mark blames the Martins for his low list ranking last election, as he was seen as a threat – so this is a delayed utu.

Mark has look ambitious since his return, utu is likely to be just a bonus.

All the competition in NZ First is for second fiddle to Winston. Those who look to have ambitions in the past have been thrown out – Brendon Horan was kicked out of the party while an MP and Andrew Williams was thrown out through a low list placement last year.

If Mark gets the numbers to defeat Winston’s favoured deputy the tensions may rise a tad in NZ First. And if Mark becomes deputy the Peters/Martin control of the list appointments may be tested, demoting a deputy to an un-winnable position would surely be untenable.

The big prize of course is to be in a position to replace when he finally finishes his parliamentary stint.

I don’t think NZ First would look great with either Mark or Martin as leader. Winston’s “probably got 10 successors – that’s how much talent we’ve got in New Zealand First” looks a bit dubious.

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  1. nobody is big enough to replace Winston lol

  2. pdm

     /  2nd July 2015

    One thing that is for sure that with his Army background Mark will make sure he has the biggest gun at the knife fight. He is probably getting his hits in just in case Shane Jones decides to join the fray and position himself to take over from Winston.

  3. Pierre

     /  2nd July 2015

    “probably got 10 successors – that’s how much talent we’ve got in New Zealand First”

    Is that the same as:

    “got 4 successors (so far) – that’s how much talent we’ve got in Labour”

  4. Maybe they should look at a ‘co-leadership’ like Greens & Maori party ?

    I think Tracey Martin has done the ‘hard yards’ over the last few years & deserves the ‘second spot’ :/

  5. kittycatkin

     /  2nd July 2015

    Well, he obviously HAS 10 possible successors. That’s just stating the obvious; Every leader has as many successors as they have members-it’s no indication of talent !

  6. kittycatkin

     /  2nd July 2015

    Every leader has as many possible successors….. I meant-I wish that we could edt !


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