“Left wing commentator”

I get called many things and I know I’ve been referred to as a right wing blogger – presumably either by people far more to the left, or presumed based on few post or a single post.

It’s odd where I sometimes find references to myself and to Your NZ. I was checking Your NZ on Alexa and found there was a link in from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newstalk_ZB in a section about Cameron Slater on Larry Williams.

 In 2014, he participated in a series of one-hour pre-election panel discussions on the drive programme – retaining the position following the release of Nicky Hager book Dirty Politics amid calls from left-wing commentators for him to resign.[45][46][47]

I guess I must be left-wing-ish relative to Slater and Williams, on some things at least.

Talking of popping up in other places they don’t seem to be able to let go at The Standard. In Daily Review a few days ago:


If The Standard only had Open Mike and Daily Review tomorrow, what would PG have to fill up his blog?


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Funny Greg. You seem to be hiding behind a tree listening often enough.


I had a quick look just before and it would appear that he is fixated on R0B at the moment but I couldn’t be bothered reading yesterday’s to see what that was.

Sad to say, but absence hasn’t made the heart grow fonder

Who’s fixated on whom Hateatea? I did one or two posts referring to R0b and moved on. I post about many blog posts and bloggers, it’s one of the niche things I do.

The rest of the thread is funny too.

I suspect that few of them there see me as a left wing commentator”.

In the political blogosphere the wings flap around a lot but I try to get to the guts of issues somewhere in between.

This could also apply to politics:

Image result for left wing right wing

This depicts a sentiment I see expressed on both the left and the right. The Tweedlenational/Tweedlelabour despair:

This is a good attempt to show various political inclinations.

I think I’m fairly centrist, except on the issues I’m more socialist, conservative, libertarian or populist.

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  1. I guess it depends where the person doing the labeling sits. Many on the extreme right, probably think the Nats (now being labeled ‘Labour-light’ are moving left. BUT I hear that some on the extreme right, take the ‘libertarian view’ on some issues which may appear more ‘centrist’.
    I’ve often heard the Greens labeled are ‘left of Labour’ BUT there is apparently a faction called the ‘Blue-Greens’ which sit on the right (supporting Nat. economics & green enviro. issues). SO its all just a ‘patchwork’ & ‘mixed bag’

    keep up the good work PG 🙂

    “VIVA Le Revelucion !”

  2. Many think I’m a staunch ‘Lefty’ BUT I’m far from joining the Communist party (yet) :/


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