Anthony Robins’ mistruth about Key lying

Grant Robertson’s breach of privilege complaint against John Key has quickly descended into inaccurate counter claims about inaccurate claims.

Anthony Robins descends into farce in his post Key descends into farce. He accuses Key of lying:

So Key has been caught out in another lie to Parliament, how does he respond?

A spokesman for Key said he stood by his statement.

But Robins appears to be caught up in some mistruthing himself.

What the IRD said was:

it would lead to “lower numbers of KiwiSaver members (particularly among the self-employed and children)”.

I haven’t seen any evidence of Inland Revenue saying anything directly on this, and no evidence of them saying anything to Key.

Robins quotes what was stated in a Treasury report (who consulted Inland Revenue). It is not a quote from Inland Revenue.

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  1. You are being silly now.

    It’s a minor mistake about the source, not about the content. The issues is not about where the advise came from (IRD or Treasury), it’s the advise itself.

    You are right in your previous post that the release of the treasury documents does not prove that this what the treasury actually advised Key. But it would be highly unusual to have one opinion in the report and a diametrically opposite advice to the PM.

    I can understand that the PM would make a mistake on the refugee numbers by quoting a three year period rather than a year period. That is a reasonable mistake.

    This does seem a bit different.

    And even if it cannot be proven that he received such advise from the treasury, the very fact that that John Key was so obviously wrong about the impact of his policy does put a dent in his credibility.


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