Not amused about Kiwi-O-Meter

I think I first saw a link to Kiwi-O-Meter at in Rutherford on Labour’s surname policy at Kiwiblog:

Finally, if you want to work for yourself if you’re Kiwi enough to buy a house under Labour, try out this new Kiwi-O-Meter. Well done to the Young Nats for this humourous response to Labour’s dog whistles.

I thought it was quite funny. But someone else was not amused.

Ben Guerin: a dirty politics fuckwit

That is curious, suddenly a website pops up “how kiwi are you”. Full of slurs against Chinese. WTF!

It has a Labour logo? But that is linked to the (see below).

Oh. It appears we have some young fool trying to make a name for themselves. Lets dig out who.

So lprent outed someone who was already fairly well identified. He usually frowns severely on outing at The Standard but he often has different rules and standards for himself.

Well apparently he works doing MP support at parliamentary services. Working for some unknown National list MP “Brent Hudson”. Perhaps he thinks he is Jason Ede’s replacement.

But I’d never take tech advice from him… Yeah, I can just see how this “supports” the MP who employs him.

FFS: Could someone inform the pathetic dickhead that Dirty Politics was so last year. That he shouldn’t reuse his old last years condoms because it is very very unhygienic. He should especially not leave his fingerprints all over the results of his pulling. Or even better still – just don’t play those stupid games. Especially when being employed by the taxpayer while working for a MP. They don’t add anything to the political debate.

Also that he is a complete fuckwit and so are his National party employers

Not a happy chappy by the sound of that. I think he had been annoyed at Labour’s Chinese shouting and found someone to last out at. But it didn’t end there. His lack of humour continued through the thread.


Amazing how even though the Young Nats’ Ben Guerin has been commenting online about what it was like to whip the site up on a Sunday afternoon, he was unable to hide the fact that identity behind the site is someone named “Ben Guerin”. Thanks for your Internet detective work there Captain Sysop.

  • So you approve of a parliamentary employee employed by a National MP doing this kind of trash?

    Surely that wasn’t what you have been saying for years about the imaginary Labour party staffers who don’t write here….

    You really are a hypocritical idiot.

    • SHG3.1.1

      So you approve of a parliamentary employee employed by a National MP doing this kind of trash?

      100%, because it’s nice to see that at least one side of NZ’s political spectrum knows how the Internet works.

      • lprent3.1.1.1

        And that says all we need to know about your sense of ethics.

        Rather than leaving it there, perhaps you should explain why you think this is a good idea for our local politics or anything else with some examples of what you think is permissible with people controlling data.

        Define the edges of what you think is permissible..

        Publishing other peoples posts under your own name – wait that’s been done – Cameron Slater..

        Coming to think of it – is there anything that Cameron Slater has done which you think would be over the edge?

        • SHG3.

          It’s funny, and it makes Labour look stupid. Therefore it’s a good idea.

          [lprent: Ok now you are just trolling my post. You can justify anything with “but I found it funny”. Including rape, serial murders, medical misadventure, …

          Banned permanently. I’m not really interested in hosting psychopaths on this site. ]

Standard authors often tend to react badly to being shown up on their own posts.

Expect UpandComer to get get a ban hammering as well.


Hold on,

What’s more dirty, some young talented guy throwing up an obviously humorous satirical website on an issue of the day that I ‘presume’ amounts to an exercise of free-speech that he’s publicised to be the same.

Or publishing on the internet his photo, his address, apparently his phone number, his post code… ? There are a number of adjectives one could use in relation to that. And for what purpose? What do you want to achieve by marking a big ‘X’ on where this young guy can be found?

What’s more dirty? This is actually hilarious. Carry on.

What’s more dirty Lynn?

UPDATE: it’s really got up his nose.


Just a wee warning. Because of the amount of diversion trolling going on on my post (some people like to live dangerously), I’ve put a full moderation on this post.

I’m letting through any half way reasonable comment and mostly answering them. But it’d inadvisable for the usual trolls to try diversion trolling. I’m really not in the mood for it, but I am finding it hilarious to do permanent bans for the fools who do it.

I will pop this comment at the top of the list by putting a earlier time.

And someone who usually gets away with poking at him misjudged zero humour, zero tolerance:


I thought political satire was a good thing.

Take a deep breath Prentice. It is a joke site, kind of like ImperetorFish and his Martyn Bradbury Real Estate. Kinda of like The Civilian. Pretty sure you are taking this Waaaaaaaay to seriously.

[lprent: So I don’t think Dirty politics is funny. And so far no-one has managed to explain why they think it or this was funny. Like Nicky Hager, I view this particular kind of political crap by taxpayer funded political party staffers to be quite unfunny. Doesn’t matter if it is Jason Ede or this idiot. I don’t tolerate it here because I really don’t want my taxes funding National being spent on this kind of stupdity.

But hey, lets give a concrete example. I warned in comments that I wasn’t that interested in this particular line. So I think this is funny.

Banned until the next amnesty for diversion trolling.

Laughing laughing…. Oh yeah that is FUNNY! I can see you rolling in it from here. Funny looks different to different people eh? ]

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  1. Missy

     /  13th July 2015

    LPrent seems a tad bit sensitive over this, one could almost think they are upset at a site on the internet poking fun at the Labour Party – but wait, The Standard isn’t a Labour Party blog, so what would they have to be upset about? Why would the admin of a site that is not a Labour Party site be so angry and upset at something making fun of the Labour Party? It is enough to make one believe that The Standard is actually a front for the Labour Party…..

    As for publishing the contact details, that is so low on the part of Prentice, not to mention the language he used, this whole post is nasty and malicious, I hope Ben Guerin makes a formal complaint on this. Prentice claims that it is publicly available information, but it looks like it wasn’t open on the front page of the site, so I am wondering how Prentice publishing these contact details is different from those that accessed the publicly available Labour Party list last year (I can’t remember if it was the donor’s or members list) – shows up Prentice for the hypocritical person that he is. Not to mention humourless.

  2. TheContrarian

     /  13th July 2015

    He seems to be forgetting two thing…
    1. I seem to remember there being a full Colin Craig parody website
    2. Just because it says the last domain modification was done at midday doesn’t mean Ben did anything, the domain registrar might have changed something on his account.

  3. SteveRemmington

     /  13th July 2015

    I understand he was popping down to the police station this morning to lay a complaint against Slater.

    Perhaps the bad mood relates to the coppers not knowing who he was?

  4. SteveRemmington

     /  13th July 2015

    Perhaps Lyn has been busy on the shredding machine for the last 6 months 😉

    • Way left of centre

       /  13th July 2015

      If by shredding machine you mean some weight loss apparatus, then no, apparently not.
      If you mean shredding, as in personal and site credibility, then yes, bullseye.

  5. TheContrarian

     /  13th July 2015

    I text the guy from the number Lynn published. Seems the good people at The Standard have been sending him some fairly abusive texts.


    • Yeah well that’s exactly the sort of dirty politics outcome lprent has spoken strongly against a number of times. He ignores his own rules. Very one way scruples.

    • grumpy

       /  20th July 2015

      Maybe Pete can reproduce them here. Give an insight into the mind of Prentice groupies.

  6. Missy

     /  13th July 2015

    Here’s another example of charming Lynn on the Daily Review:

    this part of the comment tells what the post really is about I think:

    “Nope. Just making a point about dirty politics.

    If I have to bounce some dumb kid up and down to make that political point, then that is collateral damage.”

    So really, it seems he was just using the website to make a political point, and he sees the abuse that Ben Guerin then endured as a result of him posting his contact details as ‘collateral damage’. It makes me think this is a case of acting on behalf of the Labour Party – dirty politics from The Standard?

    Wow, the more I see of what lprent writes the more I think he is a nasty piece of work, he is fast becoming worse that Cam Slater, but bitter and humourless with it. I wonder what his reaction would be if someone posted his phone number on a blog and he was inundated with nasty abusive messages.

    I am not a lawyer, but could there be a case for a complaint against Lynn Prentice – it seems like he posted the contact details with malicious intent.

    • ” I wonder what his reaction would be if someone posted his phone number on a blog and he was inundated with nasty abusive messages.”

      I’m fairly sure he has strongly criticised Slater for that sort of exposure and attack. He’s a nasty hypocrite.

      • Missy

         /  14th July 2015

        I see he has put his domain details up on his blog – along with yours – to try and prove some point to justify himself I would guess. Just because the information can be found, (anything on the internet can be if you know where / how to look for it), does not mean it is morally or ethically right to publish it.

        Prentice does seem to be taking this whole website a little too personally though, not sure if there is a reason or if he is just a little unhinged about things – or if he was asked by the Labour hierarchy to write something.

        • He seems to be losing control of himself, he’s let anger overrule judgement. He’s doing things he would ban anyone else for doing and has raged against similar behaviour from Slater.

          The Standard was already in turmoil over Labour’s China-bashing, he’s just added to the chaos, making it look even worse for Labour.

  1. Prentice: “there are very few of us who act like such a complete scumbag” | Your NZ

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