Prentice: “there are very few of us who act like such a complete scumbag”

Lynn Prentice continues to do more damage to Labour than anyone else online as his behaviour and hos Standard blog are inextricably linked, despite his attempts to distance himself. Widespread perceptions matter.

Yesterday he demonstrated how, acting like a dirty politics hypocrite and “a complete scumbag”.

In January Prentice responded to a comment by ‘Juana’ – Cameron Slater’s wife in the post Where is Cameron Slater?

I think your guy is a irresponsible arsehole who brings the rest of the blogging communities into disrepute. I intensely dislike being tarred with the same label as him because there are very few of us who act like such a complete scumbag. Perhaps you should consider that before trying to smear me.

Prentice has proven again that he is ” few of us who act like such a complete scumbag”. If Prentice doesn’t like being tarred with the same label as Slater then he shouldn’t act like a scumbag himself.

Yesterday Prentice was pissed off with a website set up to mock the Labour attacks on Chines property buyers. He posted about it – Ben Guerin: a dirty politics fuckwit. Fair enough rating about something he felt strongly about, but Prentice went further than that.

Prentice has spoken strongly against outing people online, and especially strongly against revealing personal details that enable people to launch personal attacks off the Internet.

For example in the same January post (where Prentice posted Slater’s home address):

As for publishing his home address on the Internet… wtf?

Cameron Slater has never had any compunction about doing that. He has published my address and phone numbers (unlawfully used from the DNS records), John Mintos, and numerous others.

Prentice obviously has no compunction about doing things like that either. Like a scumbag.

And like a coward he has abused and banned people who have confronted him – he likes to dish it out in dirty dollops but doesn’t like being on the receiving end of far more gentle criticism. The thread is full of heavy handed warnings and bans to shut down criticism.

Despite criticising Slater for doing similar Prentice published Guerin’s phone number and email address (and they are still visible).

This had what I presume was the intended effect – one comment that hasn’t been censored or criticised:


I just sent him a text letting him know what a shit head he is. Can’t see much harm in anyone else telling him the same.

Not just enabling abuse, encouraging it.

On yesterdays post here Not amused about Kiwi-O-Meter:


I text the guy from the number Lynn published. Seems the good people at The Standard have been sending him some fairly abusive texts.


On Daily Review at The Standard there was some guarded criticism of Prentice:


You act like a pissed off old man who just needs to ‘chill the fuck out’.

Nope. Just making a point about dirty politics.

If I have to bounce some dumb kid up and down to make that political point, then that is collateral damage.

I realise you probably don’t have any principles worth a damn.

But that is why I’m a “pissed off old man ” who doesn’t find mixing taxpayer paid political operatives anonymously with dirty politics “funny”. Hopefully this fool doesn’t think so either now as well.

If Slater does it Prentice calls him a scumbag and “a irresponsible arsehole who brings the rest of the blogging communities into disrepute”.

But Prentice does it and defends it as just “collateral damage” to make a political point.

The point Prentice was making was “Dirty Politics”.

FFS: Could someone inform the pathetic dickhead that Dirty Politics was so last year. That he shouldn’t reuse his old last years condoms because it is very very unhygienic. He should especially not leave his fingerprints all over the results of his pulling. Or even better still – just don’t play those stupid games.

Dirty politics was very yesterday at The Standard. There’s no point in telling Prentice not to play stupid scumbag games, he only sees things like that when someone else does it.

“There are very few of us who act like such a complete scumbag” – like Prentice in his own words.

And there are others with responsibilities at The Standard who are tacit supporters and enablers of lprent’s dirty hypocrisy.

Prentice’s long term and ongoing scumbag behaviour at The Standard is far more damaging to Labour than a temporary joke website.

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  1. Another example of Prentice’s double standards, breaking his own rules:

    Matthew Hooton
    30 April 2014 at 10:45 am
    Don’t know. I expect it means they get the kickstart. Ask David Parker –[deleted]

    [lprent: Leaving phone numbers and email addresses just makes this site a target for crawlbots. Don’t leave them. ]

    Prentice posted (and left) a phone number and an email address.


     /  14th July 2015

    I see yesterday Prentice stated on his shit roll at TS that he was off to the Manukau Police to lay a complaint about Cameron Slater and the hacking / Rachinger allegations. My bet is that the NZ Police told Rachinger to piss off as there is nothing to look at, so Prentice got his knickers in a knot again with his desparation to get Slater so he went an made a further complaint. Rachinger complained at the Manukau Station, so no doubt Prentice will be bleating in the same cops ear. Intersting to note that Manukau is the stomping ground of ex bent cop Dan Torensen and his son, who are linked to Ben Rachinger and Matthew Blomfield – and of course we know that Blomfield and Prentice are working together to try and take out Slater. Which will NEVER happen.

  3. Pete Kane

     /  14th July 2015

    Does the fact the subject, of Prentice’s article, is a public servant (all be it in an undeniably political role as most in those positiosn are) make a difference? I think, to me, it does alter ‘the game’ somewhat.

  4. Simon

     /  14th July 2015

    Great post Pete. Prentice is a narcissistic little man with a hugely inflated sense of his abilities and importance. As I commented on kiwiblog, if the revolution comes people like him will be in charge of the firing squads.

    • BUCK WIT

       /  14th July 2015

      Hopefully he will do us all a favour and take a cyanide capsule first

  5. Lets call it like it is – Lynn Prentice is a sanctimonious prick with an over inflated ego, and a nasty vendetta driven personality. He is everything he complains about – in fact when he launches his tirade of abuse i always say to myself, gee he knows himself oh so well. Prentice’s biggest fear should be himself as he is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Anger issues, and a narcissistic personality to boot. The Standard is just a public toilet for gutter and sewer politics. He is the very reason why the Left are nowhere, and he is a turd in the soup for the team he supports. I have watched him develop over the past few years and simply put – he is a total embarrassment. A degenerate bum.

  6. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  14th July 2015

    You’ve upset him so much… that he’s published your home address and phone no. on his site.
    Don’t s’pose you’ll be receiving Xmas cards tho’ from Standard readers.

  7. Missy

     /  14th July 2015

    The thing that gets me over the post and the comments from Prentice, is that he seems to be taking this all so personally, and when he obviously took exception to PG posting about it he takes the coward’s way out and childishly publishes personal details of PG, instead of actually being a man about it and justifying his actions here.


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