Open letter to Standard authors

I have emailed the following letter to The Standard but know that some of them at least will see it here if they don’t get a copy.

Please distribute this letter to the Standard authors.

The Standard has a record of abusiveness and bullying. What you do within your own blog is of course up to you.

However a recent post by Lynn Prentice, Ben Guerin: a dirty politics fuckwit, takes abuse to an disturbing new level – promoting it outside The Standard via personal phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses.

This post plus comments in it’s thread openly instigated, incited and encouraged attacks beyond The Standard, and when it was confirmed that personal abuse had been successfully achieved further private details were published.

Lynn has made the point that these contact details are readily available, which is correct. However publishing them in an already highly abusive post had the obvious intent to widen the abuse beyond the blog and beyond the Internet. The post and comments that followed break Standard policies and would not be allowed if others did it (depending on who the targets where).

Publishing the contact details had clearly expressed malicious intent. And this places at risk not just the individuals that Lynn targeted – it also exposes others including family members.

As authors and moderators of The Standard you have a collective responsibility, and this escalation of abuse reflects on all of you.

You can choose to be abusive yourselves on your own blog, or for most of you to silently and tacitly allow it to happen.

However instigating and encouraging bullying and violent behaviour outside your blog (so far non-physical) and exposing associates and family members is far more serious.

Currently the contact details, and the encouraging of abuse remains on The Standard. And there are also threats of repeats of this reprehensible behaviour. Lynn’s last post to date:


The information that was published was the public information that every registrant for a domain must make public. If you want to change that then I suggest that you talk to IANA.

It is there specifically to allow people to find out who is responsible for uses of that domain. Perhaps you should bestir yourself to find out what the responsibilities are for a domain name holder.

The “voitrol” was because he didn’t provide any information on the site to identify who was responsible for it. As far as I’m concerned he was concealing who was responsible from the public. All that would have been required for me to make a quite different type of post would have been a prominent notice or an about at the top of the site that said this was put up by the Young Nats.

So I made my rapid searches public and expressed by thoughts of a politically aware fool who would do this complete lack of public transparency, along with a reasonable explanation of why he did it. Since he’d neglected to provide that information, I feel that he should wear the consequences like any responsible adult

Bearing in mind the search engine optimization on this site and the interest in this post, that will probably be for some time.

Suffice it to say that the next site that I spot of this non-transparent dirty politics ilk will at least redouble that level of vitriol if I can trace it back. So you should suggest to your wellington “team” that they’d better learn to be responsible before I make them.

BTW: I don’t play for any “team”. Many around the blogs and anyone who knows me will happily attest to that. I’ve worked and cooperate with people and organisations from the army to this blog, but I’m not into silly juvenile pack games.

If you allow this and do nothing about this then as a collective you are in effect supporting this ongoing bullying, abusive  behaviour plus threats of more..

Lynn also commented:

That information is available for ALL domain names and their registrants, admins, and technical contacts. That is because domain names are a privilege requiring personal responsibility. If you put up a website or mail server or anything else under a domain, then you are responsible for the content published under it.


Bearing in mind the search engine optimization on this site and the interest in this post, that will probably be for some time.

Bear in mind what that means to yourselves.


In short – you acted like a fool. Take some personal responsibility for it and learn from it.

If you remain publicly silent and take no action then you are aiding and abetting this disturbing escalation in abuse and the provocation of bullying and violent behaviour beyond The Standard.

I ask you to seriously consider dealing with this responsibly.

Pete George

Your NZ

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     /  15th July 2015

    PG that will fall on VERY deaf ears !

    They slag you off, they slag Slater & WOBH, they slag Lauda Finem and keep trying to assert certain people are connected to each other when they are not – where NO evidence is EVER presented. The Standard is just a rant blog for wankers quite frankly – and yes the article Prentice penned yesterday takes the cake. Seems to me The Standard wants to be a modern day Mein Kampf type outfit where its their way or no way with fucked up ideals.

  2. Mark Stewart

     /  15th July 2015

    If only there was a brand new law which covered online bullying and hate speech…oh wait!

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  15th July 2015

    “That information is available for ALL domain names and their registrants, admins, and technical contacts.”

    Actually there are very many domains whose real registrants are concealed behind a cloaking front company. Obviously Prentice acted like the moronic dork that he is and will continue to be. The world is full of idiots. Ignore them.

  4. FarmerPete

     /  15th July 2015

    Prentice displays very interesting psychopathology in his on line rants. He is intolerant, inconsistent, extremely abusive, volatile, verbally aggressive, judgemental, overly convinced of his own intellectual and moral superiority, and without humility, compassion or understanding.
    I could extrapolate from here and go on to suggest what this means, but I won’t because that would not be the right thing to do in a public forum. Suffice to say that at his age and stage these behaviours are well entrenched and changing them would take some major event, rather than the sort of persuasion you have in mind PG.
    Those qualities are there for us all to see. If he was a commenter on someone else’s blog and displayed those same traits he would have been banned countless times! I stopped commenting there some time ago. Who wants to be subjected to the cacophany of abuse that is present in that echo chamber on a daily basis. Occasionally, it is fun just for the sport or sense of devilment but that wears pretty quickly for most of us.

    • Traveller

       /  15th July 2015

      In other words he’s a grumpy, unfulfilled and bitter old man whose political ideology is reflected by the dysfunctional, anachronistic and xenophobic political party he shills for.
      I agree it’s sometimes amusing to see the collective echo, but the autocratic, childish site management, the unrelenting party line pushed and the almost complete absence of constructive, encouraging politicking leaves me smugly thinking that the Labour Party who supports this format is on a hiding to obscurity.

  5. I have nted elsewhere my total abhorrence of the immoral and obscene comments in the Standard blog. Prentice makes claims to some journalistic skills, and then belies this by his immature responses to valid criticism. Thats okay, he can live with the consequences of that, I don’t, and never will have any time for left-wing rants. Why is the sort of comment made by Prentice permitted by Standard, it is clearly obscene offensive and could be defined as hate speech. For humanities sake, get rid of his drivel.

  6. Missy

     /  15th July 2015

    PG, they are most likely to make this about you, not them! They really do seem to think this form of bullying, harassment and threat of violence is okay when they are doing it, they do not see that it just turns people off them, and by association the Labour Party and the Political Left. There seems to be very little self awareness at TS, and the way they egg each other on just validates their bullying behaviour.

    On this, I do see that Izzy has responded to lprent’s attack on the comment, so I say good on her/him for standing up to the bullying.

    Prentice has not just stepped over the line with this post, he has taken a flying leap across it, and he needs to be brought into line fast – as he says he is an adult he needs to face up to the consequences of his actions.

    Though, it still puzzles me a little at how personal this all seems from Prentice. His reaction to something so trivial is so over the top, it is like he is feeling personally attacked and is indulging in a nasty and vicious personal attack in response. He just needs to take a ‘chill pill’.

    My personal opinion on this is that those that if you receive any texts or emails from TS commenters that are abusive and nasty as a result you lay a complaint against Prentice and the person who sends the message. They need to know that bullying, harassment and threats of violence are not okay, regardless of what you think of them.

    • Maybe the shriek of dirty politics about this is just a guilty conscience from certain people Missy…..

  7. where is Lynn “IPrent” Prentice with his response over at his masterbatoruim?

  8. Meh – who reads The Standard apart from zealots trying to prove their ideological purity to each other? I wouldn’t waste your time Pete.

    • I think it provides a good insight into how Labour are doing from it’s activist core. When the major labour associated blog is sounding united, positive and welcoming anyone who’s interested regardless of their perceived leaning then National could be in trouble.

      No sign of it yet. Just about the opposite.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  15th July 2015

        Imagine Crosby Textor advising Labour on the Standard – and fall off your seat laughing.

    • Missy

       /  15th July 2015

      Pete, I agree, the disunity in Labour is reflected at TS, when they are more coherent, welcoming and focussing on the issues rather than just trying to ‘get National’ it will reflect a more cohesive and united Labour Party. But as you say, no sign as yet, with all the banning of those deemed right wing they are turning on each other now.

    • Missy

       /  15th July 2015

      Goldie, the reason I read TS can be summed up by this quote:

      ‘It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles’


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