Word from the Arab street

From Twitter, one of the clearest explanations of what is happening in the Middle East.

All of this.

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     /  16th July 2015

    Let’s not kid ourselves, it was Russia that forced Obama to make this incredibly stupid deal freeing Iran to pursue Nuclear research, sell oil again and become the only super power in the middle east.

    Obama needs Iran to fight ISIS – there is no one else.

    Iran are Shite Arabs. ISIS are Sunnis, as are the oil rich states of Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Iran Shites and Saudi Sunnis are mortal enemas and are already fighting a proxy war.

    It’s only a matter of time before Iranian missiles rain down on the Saudi and Sunni gulf oil fields

    The ISIS war is the perfect excuse to attack the rich oil fields of the Sunni’s of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Dubai. The southern border of Saudi Arabia with Yemen is already a battle ground. The forces in Yemen are being supplied, trained and supported by Iran. It wont take much for that war to spill over into the rich oil fields of the Sunnis.

    Iran will quickly modernize their military and their partner Russia will be only too happy to supply them with all the weapons they could wish for. Especially since Obama lifted the embargo, which means that with oil sales resuming Iran can pay.

  2. [video src="http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/isismccainhackrussia.mp4" /]

  3. Brown

     /  16th July 2015

    ISIS can be beaten but it will take a commitment that Obama doesn’t have. I wonder why the lack of commitment is apparent? If true otherwise this makes Emirates position somewhat precarious – no one will want to transit through Dubai. Interesting times.

    Time to exclude Muslims I think – their loyalty is to Islam first, their sect of Islam second and family after that. Nationality is a non starter.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  16th July 2015

      I think you got the first two loyalties the wrong way around judging by the enthusiasm they have for killing other sects. I agree they have made it mighty hard to see them as desirable immigrants.

  4. The twitter comments points to ingredients to add to the mixing bowl. And the ‘simple version’ are mere modern morsels to add to the real, bigger, deeper, bowl.

    Conflict has been going on for thousands of years in that part of the world and will continue.
    If THE GOAT WHISPERER were around in 515 BC he would have been able to say ” … will quickly modernize their military and their partner … will be only too happy to supply them with all the weapons they could wish for.”


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