“A Whale Party would have sensible, centerist policies”

Whale Oil is still kicking over the debris of the Conservative party train wreck – Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe – where John Stringer laments are quoted.

In the thread (a sparse thread, interest is dwindling) a couple of comments raise the issue of an alternative right leaning party.


Now that the Conservative Party is dead, NZ needs a political party that represents voters who lean to the right. With National now firmly occupying the political centre-left, there is a vacuum only partly occupied by ACT who many distrust as being too far out.

Mainstream Mike:

Yep. And why not a Whale party? For the Auckland elections, and the general elections.

Conservatives are dead; ACT is dead; Labour is dead; NZF is a joke; the Greens are worse than a joke.

Cam doesn’t even have to run for office. The example I’m thinking of is Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement: built from nothing by Italy’s biggest blogger. Now it decides the government.

A Whale Party would have sensible, centerist policies: low taxes, lower benefits, gun rights, no unions, no affirmative reactions, retire public debt by selling state assets. M5S (Five Star Movement) gets 25% of the vote. A Whale Party could easily do the same.

2.5% would be challenging enough for a new party, 25% is a fantasy of Craig proportions.

Besides I suspect Slater has aims of closer to 50% by getting Judith Collins installed as next National leader. He has already begun campaigning towards this by trying to hasten John Key’s retirement or defeat.

I’m not sure the “sensible centerist” and “Whale Oil” are a natural fit, that’s about as discordant as “Colin Craig” and “conservative”.

And while ‘sensible” can be debated I’m a bit doubtful that “low taxes, lower benefits, gun rights, no unions, no affirmative reactions, retire public debt by selling state assets” are exactly ‘centerist’.

Plus it would take a lot of sales of these…


…to finance a serious party bid.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  19th July 2015

    Key is chasing Labour down into the Lefty badlands. The function of ACT can only be to keep a bit of intellectual honesty in front of the public. The Conservatives can fight Winston for the angry olds. I’ve no idea where Whale thinks their support might come from.

    • Belt up

       /  19th July 2015

      Well reading the comments on Wlale’s blog these days, there seems to a huge number of arse licking sycophants that sound only too willing to support everything he sez and does..

  2. rayinnz

     /  19th July 2015

    Not sure that Labour is”down into the Lefty badlands” when it is using the racism card and whacking the Unions via various backtracking on the 90 Day Act
    More of a groping for the centre red neck

  3. Pete Kane

     /  19th July 2015

    Wonder how long it will be before Iprint and Whale Oil start to appear as studies in various psychology texts and journals. Students will need to know how to use an index because you can guarantee the analysis will need to be multi-faceted.

    • Politically they are not that far apart (especially economically). Behaviour-wise there’s quite a few similarities. But their approach via blogging has contrasted.

      • Pete Kane

         /  19th July 2015

        a descriptor starting with m and often often used in conjunction with long thin reptiles comes to mind. (Actually I genuinely felt a bit sorry for Iprint yesterday on Your NZ – how do you do that to yourself, as public politico of a type, on a public political forum?)

  4. Craig failed to grab enough on the right.. maybe Slater might have enough support, to create a ‘Whale party’ ?
    It does sound like some on the right, think ‘Team Key’ need reminding which side of the divide they usually sit on.. looking more like ‘Labour-light’ on some recent policies & trying to push ‘real Labour’, further left ? :/

    • Pete Kane

       /  19th July 2015

      Actually Zedd that could be an easy path to the downfall of Mr Whale Oil – so from my point of view a very good (and entreating) out come.

  5. jamie

     /  19th July 2015

    Mr Slater did actually throw a “Whale Party” recently and no-one turned up.

  6. John Schmidt

     /  19th July 2015

    The chances of a political party being born out of WO is about as much chance as they having a media presence called Freed, in other words zero.

    • And Slater seems more interested in trying to manipulate existing parties anyway – various of them to try and achieve his goals ultimately National which I think is his primary goal.


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