Amanda Bailey not taking legal action against Key

Amanda Bailey, the target of John Key’s bizarre pony tail pulling, has apparently settled confidentially with her cafe employer and does not intend taking legal action against Key.

I’m sure I saw somewhere recently that Bailey had settled and was leaving it at that, (if I find it I’ll post a link) and it was discussed in Monday’s media conference with Key:

Key said he would not comment on Amanda Bailey’s decision to drop legal action against him regarding “the ponytail incident.”

Graham McCready’s private prosecution is however still proceeding.


McCready’s attempt to have Key prosecuted failed: Court rejects ponytail case

Mr McCready had sought permission to prosecute John Key over his conduct in repeatedly pulling the ponytail of Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey.

But Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue has ruled there is not enough evidence to justify a trial.

Mr McCready said he would take legal advice and decide whether to review or appeal against the judgment.

He said if Ms Bailey were prepared to make a formal statement, then the charging document could be refiled.

But Bailey has refused to cooperate with McCready.

However McCready is still pursuing his crusade through the Human Rights Tribunal: Key wants ponytail-pulling complaint dismissed

Prime Minister John Key’s lawyer has filed for the dismissal of a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal over the ponytail-pulling incident.

Serial private litigant Graham McCready laid the complaint, asserting Mr Key had breached the Human Rights Act.

“Mr Key’s lawyer filed a statement that Mr McCready didn’t have a standing to take this case because he is not an affected party,” a spokesman for the prime minister told NZ Newswire

So the issue is over for Bailey, at least as far as legal action is concerned, but McCready persists.

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  1. Pete Kane

     /  24th July 2015

    It would be interesting to know how large the ‘settlement’ was. I suspect the opposition may be a little disappointed.

  2. Hmmmm. Why would the Left let this drop after extracting a settlement from the cafe?

    According to them this was dead set, bang to rights, you got me guv’nor fair cop, slam dunk harassment. So why are they not pursuing a civil action against the PM? Is the real evidence too weak to sustain the rabid allegations made by Bomber et al????

    Pete care to solicit Bombers comments since he broke this story and made website hit hay out of the saga merrily?

    • kittycatkin

       /  26th July 2015

      Maybe because it wasn’t harassment (as anyone who’s been harassed could tell them) , it was a big nothing that was blown completely out of proportion-and very tiresome it became 😦 Even the left must have been able to see that this was dead in the water.

  3. John Schmidt

     /  24th July 2015

    What potential employer is ever going to hire Amanda Bailey.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  26th July 2015

    Please,please, tell me that Graham McGreedyforattention isn’t STILL trying to make something of this. I thought that he’d dropped it when he ran out of options to make a pest of himself on this one. Surely even HE isn’t that stupid. Er.,,,


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