Touting for prison business?

Cameron Slater makes some good point ion his post TIME FOR NATIONAL TO STOP REACTING TO UNION LEAKS, AND TAKE CONTROL:

This Serco hit has been long in the making, and once again, TV3 and the Herald acting as Dirty Media are at the forefront of the Dirty Politics hit to assist Labour.

It’s now forced the Prime Minister onto the stage and he’s taken a position that Serco is going to be history if it is found to be incompetent.

Just what the Union wants to hear.

Because they, and TV3, the Herald and Labour have a long list of incidents to work through.

If that happens what’s the bet they will be all targeting Serco managed prisons.

But here is the thing…if Labour cared so much about the care of prisoners why have they sat for so long on this information while more prisoners got injured…and why did they lie and make up stories when the truth is bad enough.

This could be tough on Davis, he has been trying to raise attention but was until recently seemingly ignored by the Government.

Kelvin Davis’ claims regarding one prisoner are completely false but we haven’t heard the media baying for his apology have we?

I don’t think it’s been proven one way or the other yet.

But the problem for Labour is this…no one cares. I challenge the media to find someone on the streets of Auckland who give a flying fig about whether or not some prisoner got the bash inside.

Prison welfare is a real problem not just at Serco but in prisons around the country. See Government is Hiding the Truth Behind the Serco Debate. But in that post Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara makes these points:

  • Prisons are the way they are because the public is largely uninvolved, and is not actually interested in what goes on inside.
  • Most of the general public don’t actually care about what happens to prisoners – they get what they deserve … unless violence is put in the public face, as in the recent Serco revelations.

So Slater may well be right on that. The he finishes with:

If Serco were smart they’d be hiring their own Dirty Politics crew to counter the unions.

Sounds like he’s touting for business.

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  1. Mike C

     /  26th July 2015

    Slater is nothing but a fucking shit-stirrer. He writes posts simply to keep himself in the limelight.

    • Dave

       /  26th July 2015

      Mike, you sound bitter towards Slater, Very Bitter. I suggest you pop over occsaionally, its a different site now compared to what it was 2 years ago, and he is usually on the money. Cant recall the three he predicted before last election, went something like, Harawira, DotCom and Craig would all be finished soon after the election, 100% correct, as usual!

  2. Slater makes some good points in his post? The guts of his post is summed up towards the end “This whole episode is a Dirty Media/Dirty Politics hit using prisoners injuries to score political points.”
    He thinks the information about what is happening in prisons should not come out.
    He doesn’t think it serious that “some prisoner got the bash inside.” It is as if it is all some union conspiracy. The most challenging thing about the column could well have been the decision to include it in today’s Mental Health Break or Today’s Trivia.

    As an aside (sort of) what would he think if his son were chucked in prison on remand for some crime he did not commit and was ‘dealt to”? His views are cretinous.

    • Dave

       /  27th July 2015

      Disagree his views are cretinous He actually reflects the views of a large part of society very well. I for one have little sympathy for a serious crim gets hurt in prison, we all (well almost all) accept it and smile I side when a convicted rapist or Pedo is injured, I have seen calls for a prisoner who seriously assaulted a Pedo to get a medal for public service!

      Sure, we would all react differently the minute a close friend or relative was inside, but until then I think you will find most peoples care factor for a crim are almost Zero!

      • I can see the gang members delicately interviewing an inmate;: “Excuse me, are you a serious crim? Some young guy wants to impress us so he can join the gang and he’d to prove his worth by doing the old chuck off the balcony trick but it has to be a serious crim.”

        And the interviewed one: “I’m on remand I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m innocent. Oh and you can’t touch me I’m the son of Dave.”


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