A Little disingenuous on flag choice

Andrew Little has supported public consultation on flag change in the past. But now that we are getting just that he doesn’t want it – because it’s not the right time apparently.

ODT reports:

Mr Little said while thousands of New Zealanders wanted a change of flag, they did not believe it was the right time.

“This is not a poor reflection on New Zealanders, many of whom would like something different. Many of them want a change to the national anthem too, because they are sick of singing a dirge every time you turn up to a festive occasion. Most of them sing along to the Australian national anthem before they sing along to our own.”

He repeated his call for the Government to halt the flag referendums process.

This is very disappointing from Little. He wanted a flag choice process, he wants a flag change, but he opposes the current process. This looks like petty political pissiness.

And he is speaking too much for “New Zealanders” who he doesn’t represent nor listen to very well.

I don’t sing along to the Australian anthem. On a recent occasion I stood respectfully but silently for the Australian anthem at Fig Tree Pocket State School in Brisbane at my granddaughter’s weekly assembly. It was a weird feeling standing surrounded by Australians singing their song. It felt foreign to me.

Mr Little made the comment during debate in Parliament on the Flags Referendums Bill, a bill Labour is opposing despite Mr Little’s own desire for a new flag and Labour’s 2014 policy to start the process to secure that change.

What happened to “cut the crap” Mr Little?

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  1. Brown

     /  29th July 2015

    I hear today that what I feared has come to pass. You will have to chose something on the new list – “no change” is, apparently, not going to be an option. Its democracy Jim but not as we know it.

    I think I’ll fly my Vanuatu flag (which some have confused with the South African flag).

  2. Goldie

     /  29th July 2015

    “Mr Little said while thousands of New Zealanders wanted a change of flag, they did not believe it was the right time.”

    Yet in 2010 Labour promoted a Bill to hold a referendum on a change of flag and it was their policy in the last election…
    And Little says that he is supportive of a change of flag, only just not now.

    Andrew Little makes David Shearer look like a political mastermind.

    • Mike C

       /  29th July 2015

      I wonder when exactly Little Andy thinks is the right time for a flag change ???

      The man doesn’t have a bleedin’ arse clue about democracy and diplomacy.

      All he has ever known during his adult life, is how to be an anti-establishment Union Man and how to say the word NO in fifty different languages. LOL.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  29th July 2015

    Maybe he’d like a nice red flag with a hammer and sickle on it.

  4. I’m looking forward to a new flag. I wonder what the left will say when they get the new flag they’ve always wanted but can’t be gracious enough to accept.

    • Mike C

       /  29th July 2015


      I also hope for a new flag, but if a really crappy one gets selected in the first referendum, then I will be voting for our current one in the second referendum 🙂


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