Stringer, Slater throw Bible back at Craig

John Stringer and Cameron Slater continue to jointly fight Colin Craig, throwing some Biblical references back at Craig.

Last Wednesday Colin Craig made two announcements. The first:

The first of the 2 major announcements today is the publication of a booklet that outlines the dirty politics agenda and what they have been up to in recent weeks.

The first false claim is that I have sexually harassed one or more persons. Let me be very clear I have never sexually harassed anybody and claims I have done so are false.

The second false claim being bandied about by the Dirty Politics Brigade is that I have made a pay-out (or pay-outs) to silence supposed “victims”. Again this is nonsense.

Again in a similar vein is the false allegation that I have sent sexually explicit text messages or “SEXT’s” as they are known. Once more this is not true. I have never sent a sexually explicit text message in my life.

The fourth false claim that we highlight in the booklet and that was being spread about by the Dirty Politics crowd was that of another alleged “victim” of sexual harassment.

The second announcement was that Craig would take defamation action against John Stringer, Jordan Williams and Cameron Slater:

The second announcement today is that we will be taking legal action for defamation against the Dirty Politics Brigade. It does not serve this country well to have a group of people who influence public opinion through a web of deceit and media manipulation.

We identify in the booklet 3 key people in the campaign against me. Each of these will be held to account for the lies they have told. Formal claims are being prepared and I expect these persons will have formal letters from my legal team within the next 48 hours.

The booklet distributed by Craig referred to Stringer as:

  • the ‘Judas’ within the Party.

CraigBookletCoverAmongst the claims against Stringer:

Stringer must have therefore thought it a “Godsend” when the allegations of sexual harassment against Craig began to emerge.

Two days later Stringer had a letter from a lawyer published on Whale Oil by Slater that said:


  1. We act for Colin Craig and have been instructed by him to prepare defamation proceedings against you.

Stringer has returned fire. Today Slater published this cartoon signed by Stringer:


The Bible bashers continue to square off.

Both sides seem confident in their righteousness. They can’t all be right.

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  1. Psalms 109:8

     /  2nd August 2015

    “Let Colin’s days be few; and let another take his office.”

  2. Karen

     /  2nd August 2015

    I think both sides will be a little bit of both right and wrong but Colin Craig will fail to get the legal outcome he wants. Craig seems to have a weird need to be in the media and I think it’s really clouding his judgment.

    • “I think both sides will be a little bit of both right and wrong”

      That’s what I think too. I suspect it will come down to things like different perceptions of what constitutes sexual harassment.

      • Mike C

         /  2nd August 2015


        In my view, it was not for Slater or Stringer to publicly say Craig had sexually harassed anyone. If Craig did commit an offence, then it was surely up to the woman it allegedly happened to, to make a complaint to the Police, not for Slater and Stringer to hang draw and quarter Colin Craig on a public stage.

        I still think that there was something hinky about the way Jordan Williams girlfriend, Rachel McGregor, just up and left Colin Craig high and dry a few days prior to the Election, and how she used lots of innuendo and no actual facts to explain her desertion.

        • Does anyone know when Williams and McGregor started their relationship? Before or after the election?

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  2nd August 2015

            Craig is really putting his neck on the line then given McGregor will be in the opposite camp. He said she said rarely leaves one side unscathed.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  2nd August 2015

    I dislike the term being used of trivia. There are things that women can-or should-deal with themselves without disempowering themselves by being all girly. If sexual harassment is too broadly defined, then we will find ourselves at an immense disadvantage-and the case for real sexual harassment will be weakened. I remember when there was a serious attempt in America to make a slap on the bum be classed as rape. Great news for real rape victims-I don’t think. If everyone has been something, nobody has.
    Sexual harassment must not be allowed to be diminished in the way that child sex abuse was. If finding dad’s Playboys at the back of the wardrobe, hearing people having sex or accidentally seeing an adult naked are sex abuse-as Miriam Sapphira claimed in her infamous ‘one in three’ study, then sex abuse is not that terrible. I’d guess that real victims of all these things take a dim view of thing like the above, someone writing a soppy poem or someone patting someone else on the bum (annoying as that would be) being classed as anything like a sexual attack or harassment.

  4. Personally i think Slater and co should counter sue the idiot for the contents of the booklet he put out as if what is being said is true then contents of that books look defamatory. Got my popcorn at the ready!

    • I read parts of Craig’s booklet this morning when putting together this post. Now I can’t find a readable copy.

      And on the Kiwiblog post that had a link to it:
      [link removed as dossier is allegedly defamatory]



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