All Black loss

The All Blacks lost to the Wallabies last night in Sydney. An All Black loss is bigs news these days as it doesn’t happen often.

This means Australia win the Rugby Championship and the Bledisloe Cup goes on the line next week in Auckland.

In a close game the Wallabies played very well, they finished the game better, and they deserved their win.

The All Blacks played well at times but made far too many errors, their defence was poor at times letting through what looked like soft tries and they didn’t deserve to win.

The referee was Wayne Barnes. One aspect of his performance could be a concern – at times his rulings on giving tackled players time to play the ball (or not giving them time before opposing players attacked the ball) seemed to favour the very proficient Wallaby loose forwards.

Playing to the ref is an important part of the game.

This is an important less for the All Blacks leading in to the World Cup.

The win is good for Australia, but in the bigger scheme of things it should also benefit the All Blacks – if they learn from their mistakes and learn, if they learn the strengths displayed by Australia, and if they learn that whoever a referee is and however rulings may go in their favour or against them that’s part of the game they have to deal with.

It’s disappointing to lose, and an aversion to losing is something that makes the Al Blacks formidable.

But I think this was a good test to lose when looking forward to the World Cup.

Making amends in next weeks test is important though. Two losses to the Wallabies in a row would be concerning.

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  1. Shagger

     /  9th August 2015

    Interesting night. The Boks beaten by Los Pumas – that’s one nobody thought possible.

    RWC closing fast – a reality check for all concerned

  2. I picked an Aussie win before the start of the game as I thought the AB’s we showing all the classic signs of not being mentally there. Lots of talk about being up for it but its been kind of obvious in all the tests to date that the senior players minds are already in England. Seems to have been a lack of real physical commitment at times indicating guys not wanting to blow a RWC berth via injury.

    A great time for a loss, deficiencies exposed but I can’t help feeling the AB’s are not showing a fair amount of tactical variations. We didn’t catch and drive at lineout, real concerted pick and go wasn’t seen for prolonged periods, we didn’t play a kick to the corners and squeeze, we didn’t set rolling mauls from kick off reception and our back play was pretty vanilla most of the game

    This weekend coming on Eden Park is the real indicator of relative strength. Hansen and co will be needling guys from Monday about lack of commitment, are you really so sure you are going to RWC?, XYZ player is knocking on the door and your my pick but its hard to ignore his perfromances, etc etc

    If we don’t see an explosive performance at Eden Park then we might be looking at 1991 all over, though this team has been refreshed much more than 1987/88 squad was.

  3. The Contrarian

     /  9th August 2015

    Am I really the only one in this country that can see what’s going on with these so called ‘sporting’ events?

    These contests are no more than jacked-up moneymakers, with outcomes determined well in advance, so as to keep bleeding the gullible public from their hard earned cash. You can now bet on a capacity crowd at Eden Pork next week, with a few extra thousand mugs crossing the ditch, only to see the AB’s retain the Cup. It happens all the time, I mean who in their right mind hasn’t been able to predict the outcome of Joseph Parker’s last 15 fights…..

    At 4-1 last night I’m off to the TAB to collect a few grand this morning. And I know where to put my money next Saturday as well, although the odds will be somewhat shorter….(must check what Joe’s early-bird odds are against Meehan while I’m there – LOL!!)

    • “…These contests are no more than jacked-up moneymakers…”

      They are just business and we’re all consumers of the product. They’re not bleeding the public from their cash, they’re just another product which people buy or not because they want to. Or not.
      As for “outcomes determined well in advance,” please explain what you mean.

      • The Contrarian

         /  9th August 2015

        WHAT – and have you rush in and bring the odds down?

        Get real!!


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