New Zealand wins one that counts

Well, one that counts towards a world cup. The Silver ferns have just beaten Australia in the Netball World Cup, 52-47.

Full Time: @AussieDiamonds 47 – @SilverFernsNZ 52.
Shooting: @AussieDiamonds 47/57 (82%) – @SilverFernsNZ 52/69 (75%)

It’s only in pool play but that’s a massive win, their first against Australia for yonks. Well done! Gives us something to cheer about.

The Netball World Cup website won’t load, must be overloaded.

Now it is loading – New Zealand have top their pool. Odd the presumably two top ranked teams are in the same pool.

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  1. Mike C

     /  9th August 2015

    Glad that the Ferns won, because I wasn’t expecting them to. We have a pretty strong team right now, so we might be capable of winning the Cup 🙂


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