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9 August 2015

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  1. 60 Minutes Australia have done a documentary on the scandal which could quite possibly lead to the end of the British Empire. Well worth a watch if you don’t know the back story to Ted Heath.

    • Maureen W

       /  9th August 2015

      I watched this yesterday. It does appear as though these pedo rings function protected, in all the highest places, Catholic Church, UK, USA (these are the one’s I’ve looked into anyway). With regard to the UK, you have to wonder about pedo’s being knighted (perhaps its a precondition), the links go all the way to the top. As George Carlin observed, “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.
      ( The story of american boy, Johnny Gosch is interesting also)

      • Yes, the documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” (which was pulled from broadcast at the last minute) describes a condition in the US that mirrors what 60 Minutes documented regarding the UK. The theme of murder of children that appears in the 60 Minutes documentary also appears in the Lawrence King story:

        Bonacci has also been documented many times recounting a bone chilling story of himself and another boy being forced into making a snuff film—a film where someone is actually murdered in front of the camera—where a third child was raped, tortured, and killed in the notorious, now not-so-secret, elitist club in the redwoods of northern California called the Bohemian Grove.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  9th August 2015

    I am higly sceptical of huge ‘paedophile rings’, as the more people there are in these supposed conspiracies, the greater the chance of discovery. A snuff film, if such a thing exists, isn’t just porn, it’s evidence of a crime, Who’d be stupid enough to make or sell something that could be their Go Directly to Jail card (or Go Directly to Death Row card) ?

    I can’t see that the fact that a long dead PM was allegedly a pervert will ‘bring down the British Empire.’ How on earth could it ? This is an old story, anyway,

  3. Mike C

     /  9th August 2015

    Just watched Phil Rudd on 3rd Degree.

    Why doesn’t the man put his teeth in when he does a TV interview?


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