Mood of the Boardroom 2015

NZ Herald has published a summary of their annual ‘Mood of the Boardroom’: Dairy and infrastructure top worry lists which shows that business confidence has slipped.

Confidence (out of 5) in:

  • Local economy 2.3
  • International economy 2.54
  • Own business situation 2.99

 The country’s senior business leaders are becoming increasingly concerned about the slowing economy, the Government’s strategy and our reliance on China and dairy exports.

The 2015 Mood of the Boardroom, published today, surveys 110 top corporate chief executives and company directors as well as heads of our leading business organisations.

The results show 75 per cent want to see the Government formulate a Plan B in case the dairy slump continues. Eighty per cent want diversification of the economy accelerated.

Sixty-four per cent of respondents agreed that indicators pointed to an economic slowdown from their own business perspective.

On political performance:

  • Bill English 4.6 (down from 4.75)
  • John Key 4.28 (down from 4.49)

Drops for both is not surprising given the worsening economic conditions and increasing number of embarrassing issues. If this downward movement continues through to the election it will pose re-election difficulties for National.

Jacinda Ardern was rated the most impressive Labour MP for the second year running.

This makes National’s re-election chances less difficult unless Andrew Little and Grant Robertson can gain some credibility in the business world.

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  1. David

     /  13th August 2015

    Jacinda Ardern, the most impressive ! That is an appalling indictment on the rest of the Labour caucus. Ardern is just not pig ugly and on that basis Nikki Kaye and the rather attractive NZ First newbie should be rating quite highly.
    I would guess business people look at the hopeless tired Labour line up and pick the least ugly….and then pray for a fourth term for Key.

    • Commenting like that on someone’s looks is not a good look.

    • Surrender your Man-Card

       /  13th August 2015

      Any red blooded male that thinks Jacinda is ‘pig ugly’, is obviously gay!

    • Kerry

       /  13th August 2015

      You must be high fella, ardern is a stunningly atttactive lady , I cant stand her politics,but there is no need to put someone down like that.

  2. Gyben Herzberg

     /  13th August 2015

    JA……looks more like she should be wearing a denim skirt with a hanky on her head driving a people mover

    …..I guess that is not necessarily a bad thing if you like big families, drinking whiskey and spending time in brick buildings with no windows talking to the big guy


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