All Blacks versus Wallabies

The Wallabies deserved to beat the All Blacks in Sydney last week, and deserved to winn the Rugby Championship.

The return match is in Auckland tonight.

Can the Wallabies back up their success and get their hands on the Bledisloe Cup?

Or can the All Blacks lift their game and retain their un beaten record at Eden Park that dates well back into last century.

The Wallabies have nothing much to lose, a one al series would be a good result for them, Two nil would be a major boost to their confisence..

If the All Blacks get well beaten again it wil raise big question marks about their World Cup chances.

This will be one of the more interesting rugby tests for quite a while.

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  1. So the All Blacks redeemed themselves and their bid to retain the World Cup is back on track.

    They have showen they are vulnerable, but also capable of blowing away any opponent.

    And the Wallabies have run of the road a bit. They were well beaten so will have to rethink their capability of getting through the World Cup unscathed.

  2. That result was predictable Pete….. What the loss has shown is teams have figured out how to target the forward pod offence we have been using where the lead player carries or flicks on to a runner.

    We went much, much more direct in the inside channels with a hard carrying forward or Nonu on the old fashion inside crash to a target. Aussie couldn’t handle it and it created much more space for Conrad and the outsides to function as the game wore on.

    And Agent Cooper didn’t let us down did he? Eden Park and Quade just don’t mix….


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