Japan, Canada and US pressuring NZ on TPP

There are various reports that Japan, Canada and the USA are pressring Tim Groser (New Zealand) to ditch demands for better dairy access to enable a Trans Pacific Partnership agreement to be reached.

Fran O’Sullivan in the Herald: Groser under pressure to cave on TPP:

Japan, Canada and US are united in pushing NZ to ditch its demands for better dairy export access to their protected markets.

Groser is coming under what he labels “intense pressure” to cave in on New Zealand’s demands for better access for dairy exports to three heavily protected markets – Japan, Canada – and to a lesser extent the United States – so negotiators from all 12 TPP nations can quickly nail a deal.

Right now it looks as if Japan, Canada and the US have ganged up on New Zealand with some advance blame-storming singling out Groser in particular as the potential fall guy if agreement is not reached within the separate conversations that have been taking place on the remaining sticking points: cars and dairy.

Another sticking point – biologics – has now been solved, according to informed sources.

The big country gang-up – which is implied through news reports out of Japan and Canada and (more obliquely) through trade journals with strong access to the US Trade Representative’s officials and major business and agricultural lobbies – must be strongly contested.

New Zealand shoukld walk away from the TP rather than cave in to dairy trade protection. If we don’t make significant gains in agricultural trade it’s not worth us reaching an agreement, andf certaily not conceding ground on other issues like intellectual rights and medicines.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  15th August 2015

    The school bullies are all grown up and running countries.

  2. The USofA – free trade torch bearer until their own farmers have to play the game with no subsidies. Hypocrites of the highest order.

    It is time for the nations of the world to start doing things like revenue taxes on American own multi nationals like google, amazon, facebook who operate in other nations economies but shift profits outside those countries jurisdictions for taxation levied on profit. The US Government tacitly approves this as evidence by the amnesties for capital repatriation the US legislature puts up from time to time.

    The US doesn’t play fair on trade and I suppose being 255 odd of the world economy they can deal from a position of strength – but they make zero friends with their approach…


  3. I don’t think walking away will be as easy as some imagine. A TPPA with no dairy agreement would be bad, but the member countries will gain advantages in many other areas over NZ if we don’t sign. In fact an agreement with no dairy might still be better for NZ than being left out.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  16th August 2015

    I suppose that school bullies are their own friends and don’t need other friends. The ‘ugly American’ stereotype does exist in reality.

    “I love myself, I think I’m grand.’ etc.


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